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Cicada Files: Arturo Tafoyovsky Interviewed

Cicada 3301 Files: Arturo “Tafoyovsky” (Lestat), Interview May 24, 2019: Transcript and Commentary Revised August 15, updated August 17-8, 2019.

(Archived at @Samizdat on LBRY: ).

Cicada Janon Q=TS=a858 June 10 2019

Videographer Arturo “Tafoyovsky” (a pseudonym) (aka Lestat) was an inner circle member of Cicada 3301 (2016-8), their chief of graphics, who defined the visuals of Cicada’s perplexing puzzles during its Middle Period.

Cicada’s Early Period begins with its inception in obscurity circa 2011 and extends to the emergence of Thomas Schoenberger, one of two “head composers” in the order between 2014-5.

Cicada’s Middle Period can also be called the Schoenberger era, as it began with Thomas Schoenberger’s “hijacking” of the order in 2014-5 and ended when Manuel Chavez III (Defango) exposed the secrets of Cicada on May 7, 2018. Cicada as an organization imploded on Schoenberger’s watch: the organization died due to his greed and his mismanagement of Chavez.

The perfidy of Chavez, who infamously blew Cicada’s legendary cover for all time, will be recounted in coming installments in his own words.

The aftermath of Cicada’s collapse is one of schism, with most inner circle adepts now pursuing independent projects. At the time that I publish this interview, some 9-10 former members are contemplating a resurrection. My interviews suggest that Cicada’s Later Period may be gestating. A new puzzle may be released on January 5, 2020.

I am engaged in the massive project of analyzing QAnon as a viral phenomenon, as an ideology and a psyop. Cicada 3301 preceded QAnon. Some of the personalities that initated QAnon were members of Cicada 3301. Understanding their synergy is crucial to understanding both organizations.

This interview is my second in 2019, and the first in a series addressing Cicada 3301. My first interview of the year was with Mr. Paul Furber, the original Q evangelist. That interview, the first in the Q Files, was published on this site on May 18, 2019.

This interview of 11,243 words with Mr. Tafoyovsky was conducted on May 24, 2019. I released the draft interview transcript and its accompanying commentary to him on August 11, 2019, and completed my initial revisions on August 13, 2019. After some minor corrections, he approved release of the final version on August 14, 2019.

As Manuel Chavez III reviewed this interview on his YouTube channel later that same day, he identified errors. These are now corrected. Aside from calling me a “fool” and a “douchebag,” Mr. Chavez’s corrections are appreciated. I also consider the critiques of Ms. Denise Matteau, who uploaded her reviews to YouTube on August 16-8. I thank Ms. Matteau for her kind revisions.

Indeed, I interviewed Manuel Chavez III two days before this interview on May 22: that interview and its accompanying commentary are now gargantuan, comprising nearly 40,000 words and rising. It primarily addresses QAnon, though a central section dissects Cicada 3301 in detail. This Cicada section will probably be extracted and combined with other materials to be published separately.

I do my transcriptions the old fashioned way, by hand and by ear, eschewing automation. While this takes much time, it improves accuracy and makes me intimate with the data. I initially publish only transcribed audio tracks with commentary. I reserve my videos for separate analysis on a later date.

I decided to skip ahead and to break out this interview with Mr. Tafoyovsky before my May 22 interview with Manuel Chavez III as it is shorter, and I rely upon it and other interviews with Tafoyovsky in my overarching project. I also interviewed Mr. Tafoyovsky on April 10, April 14, on multiple days in June between the 9th and the 27th, on July 4, and on August 10 and August 16, 2019. Most of these interviews were on background, they were not recorded, so only gisting transcripts of them may eventually be published.

As will be seen, Mr. Tafoyovsky is not the only Cicada member that I interviewed. Further interviews with other inner circle members are ongoing. The May 22 interview with Manuel Chavez III will be the heart of a book-length Q project. If my other Cicada interviews go well, a separate book-length treatment of Cicada 3301 may be feasible.

This much is indisputable: when I am done, we will understand Cicada 3301 better than ever before. My intention is to rend the veil of the “most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age,” preserving its constituent elements for history. As a political scientist my focus is organizational: I dissect how the digital order functioned, how it was comprised, what its goals were, and how it pursued them.

Accordingly, all Cicada artifacts acquired in my research are archived on the imperishable blockchain of my LBRY channel @Samizdat. With this interview of Cicada’s videographer during its Middle Period between 2016-8, we begin.

(Sam Scott, “Cicada 3301: The most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age,” Metro, December 16, 2013; Defango TV (Manuel Chavez III, aka Defango), “News #hongkongprotest #lightwave – Defango TV 8-13-2019,” YouTube, August 13, 2019, timestamp: 1:26:00).

john dees glyph transparent!

Begin Transcript

Begin Recording: 01:35

Trujillo: “How you doing.”

Tafoyovsky: “Fine. A little overhyped, but I am doing ok. We’re trying to keep it–”

Trujillo: “You are a little what?”

Tafoyovsky: “A little hyped. Like, excited. It… we finally found out who Q [02:03] is… a part of Q, you could call it that way. We found evidence of Thomas being connected…”

Trujillo: “–I am sorry–you say you found evidence that Thomas is what?” [02:26] I cannot believe my ears.

Tafoyovsky: “Is Q. Like he started it… (crosstalk)… Excuse me?”

Cicada Janon TS = a858 Tweet no date

Trujillo: “So you found evidence that Thomas is Q?” I say it again, as I am in disbelief. “So you found evidence that Thomas is Q?” My face reflects astonishment.

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. You know the Bakers, the ones that hold the tripcode and stuff? We always knew who those [03:09] people were.”

Tafoyovsky continues: “Remember when Jerome Corsi was decrypting QAnon?”

Trujillo: “Yes.” Indeed I remember. Jerome Corsi is getting an entire chapter in my book, in fact. I am well aware of Jerome Corsi.

Tafoyovsky: “Well, Jerome Corsi offered their patrons and his donators (meaning people who donated to him, remember that English is not Arturo Tafoyovsky’s first language), he forwarded emails, he attached people on emails, that he would communicate with QAnon.”

Tafoyovsky continues: “Those emails got leaked. You can find it on Defango A858.”

I am silent, so Tafoyovsky continues: “There is a video, A858, on Defango, Corsi was communicating with an email with A858, a long number, an AOL email… he had the name of Jack, and he referred to himself as Q. You can see the video. I also put some evidence out on Twitter.” [04:17].

(Defango TV (Manuel Chavez III), “Jerome Corsi and Qanon, Army Jack and A858 Coders or Shills compromised?,” YouTube, April 1 (April Fool’s Day), 2018. Also see: Defango, “Jerome Corsi and Qanon, Army Jack and A858 Coders or Shills compromised?” SteemIt, April 1, 2018? nd).

Defango (Manuel Chavez III): [00:16]. “It has come to my attention that Jerome Corsi has been talking to QAnon. Our friend Denise (Matteau) sent over some information about this. If you look at the email of who he says Q is, it has a name that matches the name of the reddit mystery on Google. It pulls you up to the A858 account, but it is weird that Corsi is getting an email from somebody claiming to be Q from an AOL account.”

Chavez points at Corsi’s website. He says that Corsi seems to be very Zionistic, super-pro Trump. “I’ve had my questions about him for awhile, so I hung back and let him do his big decodings and it’s really kind of  funny, he’s made a name for himself. I wanted to remind you guys that this… is proof that QAnon is someone close to President Donald Trump.”

Tracy Beanz (Tracy Diaz) talks. “The pen is actually on Obama’s old desk.”

Corsi: “Yes, the Laurel Desk, Obama used it at Camp David, and Trump also uses it. And the pen is a Montblanc ink pen that Trump has used for a long time. In post 8159 QAnon said, “now look familiar? Note the desk.”

Q Drop 8159 The Storm 8chan Jan 6 2018, p. 228 X.VI, May 2 2019

Q Drop 8159 The Storm board on 8chan, January 6, 2018, in QAnon: The Storm X.VII (Aggregated Q Drops), July 27, 2019, p. 228.

Corsi: “That is Camp David over the weekend. Had to be taken by somebody who is there. That pretty much authenticates that QAnon is close to Trump, and these important White House meetings.”

Diaz: “Yes. it was awesome to get that validation among so many others.”

Defango plays a Right Wing Watch video. “Don’t you guys remember that post?” He asks us. “Post 815… right? We got to go 100 posts down. Ok. Looking for the picture of the pen… got to go farther back. 615 maybe? Got to be in January. Ah. 481. Here’s the pen. Does this look familiar? Note the desk. January 6th. And we know that that’s a desk and a Montblanc pen. Hmmm.”

Just, you know, checking, Chavez OutGuesses the photo. He says, “It is not something that you could not find. So I went back and saw the videos that he’s doing on it, it’s his bread and butter, I mean, irrefutable proof that QAnon’s legitimate.”

Chavez: “But now I got these emails from Corsi. Do not get me started on somebody using an AOL address.”

Then Chavez starts reading the “Jack with a K” emails to “Carol in Cali.”

You cannot make things like this up. This whole thing reeks of yet another Thomas Schoenberger scam, one more among a multitude that are emerging as I delve the intertwined mysteries of QAnon and Cicada 3301.

As Arturo Tafoyovsky (Lestat) observes, Schoenberger loves reeling in these elderly matrons, kindly ladies living on a pension. A review of Thomas Schoenberger’s criminal history confirms that this is a discernible behavior pattern.

Q Schoenberger Diane Nordstrom Rapsheet @straymagnet

(Among many other offenses, Schoenberger was arrested for Felony Stalking (CA Offense Code 646.9APC) by Arresting Agency RMND on January 30, 2015, Napa County Municipal Court, CA). I address Schoenberger’s extensive criminal record elsewhere.

Chavez keeps on reading these emails.

Chavez: “Uh, huh. “No coms outside the thing,” isn’t that right, Corsi? What is going on with these weirdos. Does Jerome Corsi know who the new QAnon is? Or are they just doing something to kind of change everything up? It seems like somebody’s trying really hard. I mean, I am more than open to speaking with Jerome Corsi on the situation. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.”

Q Drop Post 8159, “Look familiar? Note the desk. It’s the weekend. God bless, Q.”

Corsi: “That picture had to be taken by somebody who is there. That pretty much authenticates that QAnon is pretty close to President Trump.”

This Q drop actually authenticates nothing, but Corsi tells his audience that it does, and so he is believed. There is a significant demographic of American citizens who so desperately want QAnon to be legitimate that they believe Q Proofs: our distrust of the fake news media leads us to follow the cryptic utterings of an anonymous character, a modern-era Delphic Oracle.

Google: “Jack the A858 reddit mystery.” (A google search brings up this reddit link as the top hit):

The root subreddit is r/Solving_A858:

There was also a Wiki dedicated to solving the conundrum: ).

The email address is :

You can Google that and see what comes up.

From Chavez’s SteemIt: “It seems very strange to me that Qanon would be talking to Corsi over email via AOL.”

Actually, it makes perfect sense, when you consider that Corsi is old, and Thomas Schoenberger’s technical expertise is spotty. And yet—Schoenberger lurked on Cicada-solving IRC channels. I will not tumble down that rabbit hole at this point, to keep this interview and commentary on track. I address Schoenberger’s footprints on particular IRC channels elsewhere.

Chavez: “That just is not something someone concerned with security would do. What sense is there in using that to communicate and what about the connect to that reddit puzzle. (sic). nothing is random as tengri 137 says so we only can look at the effects that it seems that somebody is trying REALLY hard to make themselves legitimate (misspelled) without actually joining anything to speak with me on the subject. Doesn’t that strike you has old (sic)?”

Chavez includes a mass of links:


A858 Reddit Puzzle


Resuming our interview with Arturo Tafoyovsky:

Trujillo: “I looked at it, it did not make sense to me.” [01:01]

Tafoyovsky: “I recently baited Thomas and he sent me an email mocking me, saying “bye bye,” that he got me kicked out of Twitter, or that I gave up? That was the first thing that tied up so many things.”

Here is the email that Thomas Schoenberger sent to Arturo Tafoyovsky:

Cicada Lestat A858 Email to Arturo Blows His Qover May 20 2019

As usual (I am reviewing many emails by Schoenberger lately), the email is cryptic and dismissive. But as I write this commentary on August 11, 2019, I cannot help noticing that it can be interpreted as a prediction—a prediction that presaged the de-platforming of 8chan ∞.

Schoenberger, who claims to be the reincarnation of Saint Germain, flogs a reputation for himself as a fortuneteller, a reputation that he mostly promotes himself using multiple sock accounts.

And yet… Schoenberger used the word “Judas” in threatening emails to Manuel Chavez III, and those of us keeping our fingers on the pulse of the so-called YouTube Truther Community know that Isaac Kappy called himself a Judas in his pre-suicide farewell.

Tafoyovsky continues:

“That was the first thing that just tied up so many things. And I thought, this is the guy. That Jerome Corsi was communicating and giving out information. I know that Thomas never did post. But remember the things that he sells is his prophecies. He throws an arrow and where it hits is where he draws the bullseye. That is kind of how he makes his prophecies work. [05:32] You can see repeated when he made his fake Cicada on QAnon and on FBI Anon, also the patterns of FBI Anon, how it needed this channel Victuras Libertas.”

“Anyway, recently, a friend reported there is an associate who helps Thomas, her name is Donna Emerald, she had a blog, and on her blog, she had posted that Jack was being contacted by someone who posted as Q. And he was seducing her? We already knew that, that is Thomas’s favorite target… matrons, single, mature, more-old ladies, who have a pension? Who can pay him.” [06:44]

Tafoyovsky: “You can see already the tweets that I made.”

Trujillo: “I am looking at his criminal history, his arrests for criminal felony stalking. I am looking at his criminal arrests for felony stalking.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes you can say that he has a record on being a stalker, it invalidates many things that he does.” [07:45]

Trujillo: “Nothing talks like a conviction. We need to be clear that an arrest is not a conviction…”

Tafoyovsky: “—Like how he portrays his reputation…”

Trujillo: “Oh yeah. Absolutely. I am confused how you consolidated a connection between Jack and Q.”

Q Beanz Responds to Q Profiteering Post Tweet Response 29 Apr 18

Tafoyovsky: “Like I said, you may have to… if you remember that era of QAnon, Patriot’s Soapbox everyday, you had Jerome Corsi decoding Q, and Q called out Jerome Corsi and stuff. (The profiteering drops). [08:32]

Q Infamous Q Profiteering Drop 29 Apr 18

Tafoyovsky: “What I do have is evidence that Patriot’s Soapbox offered guests, and privileges to their bigger monthly donors… it is also certain that Thomas lost control over his little creation. But it doesn’t mean that he lost all his influence.” [09:17].

Q Corsi Profiteering Elemi Fuentes

Courtesy of researcher Elemi Fuentes.

Tafoyovsky: “And the fact that he infiltrated Jerome Corsi, and the thing is that Corsi offered that service of attaching people to that email… so it is kind of like a repeated scheme that Thomas does… he just leaves footprints everywhere… and also—”

Trujillo: “—Everywhere—”

Tafoyovsky: “—patterns that he cannot escape from. Maybe this can answer your question better. I made the connection because when I searched the email that Thomas sent me, an A858 email, [10:09] I searched it, it sent me to the Pi.Mobi puzzle.”

(The Pi.Mobi puzzle is dismissed as an imitation Cicada puzzle on the Uncovering Cicada Wiki. They point to an archive from 4chan /x/, and to Schoenberger’s YouTube channel Sophia Musik, which displays nothing of immediate use, aside from a link to his blog).

Trujillo: “Right.”

Tafoyovsky: “That was Thomas’s original puzzle. It showed me results of Defango talking about the leaked emails between Q and Jerome Corsi.”

Trujillo: “Where are those leaked emails? Who has them?” [10:39]

Tafoyovsky: “Well, Defango put out a Pastebin. With links. Probably, you can say that it is decently documented. [10:56]. I can send it to you if you want.”

He did so, and so here it is:

I cloned it for safekeeping here:

Again, here is Chavez’s post on SteemIt.

Trujillo: “Please do. Because emails… alright, that is one piece of evidence, but what I am looking for, what I am looking to see, is a rock-solid connection between Jack and Q and Jack and Thomas. You know? [11:20]. That is what I am looking to see…”

Tafoyovsky: “Mmm-hmm. (Agrees). Well like in a way that, uh—yeah, you can check it out, I can put out the evidence. Because like, I don’t want to try to, I don’t feel the need to try to convince you.” [11:40].

Cicada Q A858 TS Bernie4Ever Socks 72 Seconds USE

Trujillo: “You do not need to persuade me, you can just show me the evidence and I can draw my own conclusions…”

Tafoyovsky: “Hold on, let me look for the Defango video…”

Trujillo: “What time is it there for you there? I’m just curious.” [12:06].

Tafoyovsky: “It is 5 AM.”

Trujillo: “Five in the morning?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah.”

Trujillo: “Oh, bro. You need to get some sleep, man!”

Tafoyovsky: “Hahah… Thomas is not the only thing that is going on… we’ve been busy… I’m going to send a Pastebin on Twitter or in Zoom chat?” (We are talking in Zoom, which is why we enjoy this transcript and audio file rather than a gisted transcript). [12:21]

Trujillo: “In Twitter please, yeah.”

Cicada Lestat Twitter DMs re Corsi Q TS A858 Redacted

Tafoyovsky: “Ok…” (Typing…) “Uh, if you can send me—I can send you the email that Thomas sent to me that same email…”

Trujillo: “Ok… ok… There it is…”

Tafoyovsky: “Can you please type again your email?”

Trujillo: “Sure. (I do so). Just a moment here. [13:40] There you go. (Silence) So this is dated April 1st, 2018?” [13:45] (I am reading the Pastebin).

Tafoyovsky: “Sorry, can you repeat?”

Trujillo: “This is dated April 1st 2018.” It does not escape me that this is April Fool’s Day.

Tafoyovsky: “Mmm-hmm.” (Yes). (Silence).

Trujillo: “Who is (indecipherable).” [14:32]

Tafoyovsky: “Excuse me?”

Trujillo: “Who is Denise Matteau?”

Her email is in the Defango Pastebin:

Q Corsi A858 TS = QAnon Denise Matteau March 27, 2018

Tafoya: “Actually she has a YouTube channel that is called Truth Convoy?”

Googling Ms. Matteau’s name brings up this gem from the Dallas Police Department on Facebook, the second link when her name is googled, apparently a post by “Dwayne Holloway” of Dallas PD:

Denise Matteau Dallas PD Blue Checkmark No Dwayne Holloway Aug 17 2019

Except that Ms. Matteau reportedly called Dallas PD and confirmed, she says, that no Officer Halloway is employed by that department. On August 17, Ms. Jaquelyn Weaver commented on this article (page bottom), stating that Ms. Matteau was apparently the victim of someone impersonating a police officer.

Clicking on Mr. Holloway’s name reveals that he is a “website owner, video gamer and devoted son/brother from America in the city of Albany,” and not a police officer at all. My guess is that Mr. Holloway is an activist, and he somehow prevailed on the Dallas PD to post his exposé of Denise Matteau’s heinous trafficking in hand-made quilts, funded through PayPal and a GoFundMe page.

The quilts look nice, and she makes one per month. I intend to buy one, if I can coordinate the logistics of shipping it to Bangkok. Thai Customs imposes heavy import duties, as they want expatriates to purchase products made in the Kingdom.

Ms. Matteau, naturally, is displeased to be called a scammer on the Dallas Police Department Facebook page (blue checkmarked, no less). In her critique of this interview, which she says “lies about many things,” she calls me a “leftist,” suggests that I am a Mossad stooge, and later, concludes that I am Peruvian. You cannot make things like this up.

At the [35:13] timestamp in her video, (Truth Convoy, “My Daily Half Hour Double 08/14/19 VR to Steve Trujillo : Qanon, Lestat, Cicada,” YouTube, August 16, 2019), Ms. Matteau declares, “I make no apologies for my antisemitism, I earned every bit of it.” The kindly grandma’s steel spine is on full display as she rants against “damned Jews.”

Unfortunately I am not Jewish except in spirit. After claiming that we are afraid to talk to her, she cites Lift the Veil’s Nathan Stolpman, “another Jew in the mix.” [46:00]. Then Ms. Matteau shocks me, saying “this is a good article. It’s got a lot of stuff in it, but like I said: grain of salt, grain of salt.” [46:35]. I thank her for her praise, but I enjoin all readers to remember that this interview captures the statements of Arturo Tafoyovsky. I merely comment on his words.

After she criticizes Mr. Tafoyovsky because he “is not American,” (he is Mexican), she errs when she condemns me: “this guy Trujillo, is not American.” [49:00]. I regret to correct Ms. Matteau, but I am American born and bred, of Spanish descent, and a veteran.

Large Me Silhouette Military Channel Documentary 2005

She complains that Mr. Tafoyovsky and I believe that the Dallas PD “puts up smear pages on people who’ve never been anywhere near Dallas.” [49:15]. This is actually a legit indictment.

I should know better. Something about that Dallas PD Facebook page struck me, which may be why I included a screenshot of it in the first place. Ms. Matteau is correct when she says that no American police department would be allowed to post materials like this. I am sure that she will get to the bottom of it. For my part, I apologize to Ms. Matteau for publishing it.

In my comment response below, I advised Ms. Weaver that Ms. Matteau is not a focus of my investigations, and indeed she is not. I do not plan to investigate her trafficking in hand-made quilts, despite her emphatic condemnation that Mr. Tafoyovsky and I are “not Americans.” We are in fact both Americans. Somos americanos, Ms. Matteau. Mexico is in North America.

Tafoyovsky: “She is a little I can say… like… affected… like, she has some psychological problems, but you can talk with her, she lost a daughter, and I think that it affected her… you can talk to her… and she’s… as long as she does not label you as a Satanist… or something like that.”

This video, which is included in the email sent by Jerome Corsi on March 27, 2018 to Q <>, is no longer available on YouTube: it 404’s.

YouTube 404 Video Unavailable Banner

Trujillo: I say, “Jack with a K.” [15:39] I continue scanning down Chavez’s Pastebin. I am reading out loud.

Tafoyovsky: “I can send you also the Defango video.”

Trujillo: “Yes, please do. Ok, I am sorry for taking a moment here, I just want to take a look at this.”

Tafoyovsky: “Mmm-hmm.” (He is very patient).

Trujillo: “JCS <>.” Reading something that is otherwise illegible, I come to an immediate conclusion: “That feels like Thomas.”

And it does. These emails to “Carol in Cali” reek of Schoenberger’s grift.

Cicada TS Defango Lestat A858 Absurd Email to Carol in Cali from Jack with a K March 26 2018

All the elements of a Schoenberger scam are present: by now, for me, they are formulaic. I see the same patterns repeated. “Wave to NSA?” Creates the drama, mentioning “Sparrowhawk5,” which only exists in his imagination, adds fake credibility.

Then Schoenberger flatters Carol in Cali, saying that her name sounds like “an old school movie in technicolor,” followed by a fake foreign language reference with “Tre bien,” as this confabulator claims to speak 30 languages, except that Spanish, as Arturo Tafoyovsky aptly observes, is not one of them.

I could go on, but imagining Schoenberger digitally dancing with this poor old lady until he can put the touch on her for a donation or an “emergency loan” just makes me sad as hell.

Tafoyovsky: “Yes, that is true. You get better at detecting him. It actually gets not so hard.”

Trujillo: “Yeah… that email… it reeks of Thomas.”

Tafoyovsky: “Mmm-hmm. I already sent you the email that Thomas sent me from that email.”

Trujillo: “Ok. I see the YouTube video… I got that… now did you send me email?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes. It is the original.”

Trujillo: “Ok.”

Tafoyovsky: “It is at your email address.”

Trujillo; “Ok.”

Tafoyovsky: “It is sent to me, and from me, I am forwarding to you.”

Trujillo: “There it is.” [18:03]

Cicada Lestat A858 Email to Arturo Blows His Qover May 20 2019

I am initially disappointed.

Trujillo: “Is that all of it? Just “Bye bye?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah! But that’s typical Thomas.” [18:04]. He laughs, because it is true.

This email sent by Thomas Schoenberger from the A858 address that he used to perpetrate a puzzle on reddit–that he also used to correspond with Carol from Cali, and then also used as he pretended to be QAnon to deceive the old normie Jerome Corsi–is classic Schoenberger.

As is typical with fraudsters, Schoenberger lost track of his lies, and he mistakenly used this A858 email address to torment Arturo Tafoyovsky. And this brought the whole edifice down. That A858 email address was used by Schoenberger to perpetrate multiple scams. The least of them was a reddit puzzle, but many reddit solvers who read this and now learn the truth will feel gypped.

I am stepping through these inputs, and it takes me a minute to get it.

Trujillo: “Yeah. I am sorry to interrupt. Break this down for me.  I am kind of old.” And I am. “What is the significance of this “Bye Bye” email.”

Tafoyovsky: “That it is the same email that Corsi was communicating with and took him as Q.” [18:53].

I cannot believe how absurd this whole thing is. I ask:

Trujillo: “This email address was used by Corsi to correspond with Q?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. That email is owned by Thomas. And Corsi communicated to that email thinking that email was Q.”

Q Corsi A858 TS = QAnon Denise Matteau March 27, 2018

HOLY SHIT. It finally dawns on me. [19:26].

Trujillo: “I see it now. Now I see it. This… this PasteBin… shows… that Thomas email account in correspondence with JCS too? mewkew3? What I am not seeing is any indication that Corsi believes that one of them is Q?” (I am still reading…).

Q Jerome Corsi Screengrab from BaruchtheScribe Vid on YT

Tafoyovsky is very patient with me. The evidence is right in front of me with the “To:” field occupied with the single character “Q.” He explains.

Tafoyovsky: “Maybe it would help if you would see the video… Defango explains a little better how Corsi used, it was kind of like… if you donated constantly to Corsi, if you donated each month to Corsi, maybe I am wrong on this, if you donated every month to Corsi, he would blind cc you with correspondence that he would have with Q.”

And this indeed rings a bell with me, as Jerome Corsi sold subscriptions on to subscribers who received “inside information.” These Gab subscriptions were a thing until Gab was de-platformed and that messaging service could no longer process credit card payments.

Q Corsi Sells Premium Content on Gab

Corsi masqueraded as an analyst, writer of multiple “New York Times bestsellers,” with “intelligence community” connections that did not actually exist. I researched Jerome Corsi and I uncovered no contractual relationship between him and any agency of the US government. Ever.

Q Furber Final Shot Corsi Appeal to Authority Jan 2018

Corsi was never an employee, a contractor, or a subcontractor for the US government. His own biography on LinkedIn confirms it. If Corsi ever enjoyed a relationship of any kind with the US intelligence community there is no evidence of it, and he will never produce any.

When challenged, Corsi will predictably say, “that is classified,” and he will pretend that he can say no more. And it is true that the intelligence community never confirms nor denies. But take this from me: graduates of US government intelligence courses, whether conducted at The Farm or Harvey Point, or Fort Meade, Fort Huachuca or Fort Bragg, can recognize one another through petit indicators that elude non initiates. We know our own, and Corsi is not one of us.

Q Corsi Ludicrous Gematria Q Decode 1

One of Jerome Corsi’s fatuous Q “decodes.”

Corsi never served in the US intelligence community, Corsi was never trained by any agency in the US intelligence community, and Corsi is no expert at “military intelligence communications.” The gobbledegook that QAnon dishes out in ludicrous Q drops is not a classified communications system. I was trained on such systems. (CSSP, Alameda, 1986). I know them when I see them. This ludicrous verbiage is not a classified communications system. It is, in fact, a fantasy.

Corsi persuaded Paul Furber and Tracy Diaz that he was an intelligence community “insider” and they believed him because they never met a real one. They also desperately wanted Corsi to be legit. We might think that old men in proximity to their demise would make no time for such bullshit, but we would be wrong. Someone may wish to remind Jerome Corsi that he will take no gold with him when he dies.

Q Corsi v CodeMonkey v Q 4-29-18 Crisis

Trujillo: “Ah,” I say. “And this was something that he was selling on”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah, I think so. Gab.”

Trujillo: “He was doing some kind of subscription thing on”

Q Corsi Gab Splash Page with Trump August 11 2019

Q Corsi Patreon Splash 19 Patrons $60 a month August 11 2019

Amazing: Jerome Corsi now receives a whopping $60 a month from Patreon. At one time, he was raking in far more dough. How far the mighty fell—unless… unless Corsi is still making money through an association with Patriot’s Soapbox? I no longer pay attention to Corsi, and I cannot stand to watch Patriot’s Soapbox.

Q Jerome Corsi, Jason Coleman, Coleman Rogers PamphletAnon, Undated Photo MotherLibertyNow SteemIt

Tafoyovsky: “I remember promoting him. He used every single bennie that he could gain money out of.”

Q Corsi Profiteering Elemi Fuentes

Courtesy of researcher Elemi Fuentes.

I do not think that Arturo means that he actually promoted Corsi back in the day. Again, we must remember that English is not his first language. I think that he meant that Corsi used multiple angles to wrest income from his audience. Amazon book sales, Gab subscriptions, donations via PayPal, and Patreon patrons. Corsi was paid $15,000 a month by Alex Jones as InfoWar’s Washington DC Bureau Chief, until his spat with the exquisitely coutured Roger Stone.

Q Corsi Q Changed 4-28 Q ID Still Secret May 14 2018

Trujillo: “That guy was greedy. Really greedy. So when did Defango do this video?”

Tafoyovsky: “It was like one year ago. April 1.”

(Defango TV, “Jerome Corsi and Qanon, Army Jack and A858 Coders or Shills compromised?” YouTube, April 1, 2018).

Trujillo: “Yeah. Yeah. I’m looking that up now. April 1st. Yeah. Alright. So what we got here is emails indicating that Corsi is talking to Jack. Is that correct?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes.”

Trujillo: “We got indications that Jack is Thomas.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes. Not only by email, but by this other person, let me send you the image, that is Donna Emerald, she says that she was in communication for six months with someone… that he was calling himself “Jack.” (THIS WAS THOMAS).

Donna Emerald:

I intend absolutely no offense with this observation, but it strikes me that Ms. Emerald was yet another matronly mark for Schoenberger to scam. Donna Emerald’s YouTube channel reaches 87 subscribers.

Trujillo: “So you think that Thomas has been Q all along.”

Tafoyovsky: “Uh, no. I am sure that Thomas was the influencer. Or…”

Trujillo: “Yeah.”

Tafoyovsky: “In different aspects. Like with Corsi he was there for awhile until Corsi was eventually removed from the team. He always had influence via Snow White and others that he knew within the group… just by his association with Tracy Beanz (Tracy Diaz)?” [23:37].

Q Lestat Tracy Beanz Intro TS Jan 11 2019

I am thinking, who was Snow White? Oh yeah… Unanimous on BitChute… and @SnowWhite7IAM on Twitter:

Or… in other words: Lisa Clapier née Rudd, aka Pistis Sophia and @SnowWhite7IAM Activist Media.

Cicada Pistis Sophia Lisa Clapier TS Mindy at Insurgent Media November 26, 2018

Trujillo: “Right.”

Tafoyovsky: “(Unintelligible). That’s—I think that’s enough.”

Trujillo: “So let me think about this for a minute. What was the significance of the tweets that came out today?” [24:05].

Tafoyovsky: “The significance was that we used three references… what do you call it? Like, three arguments that, with evidence, and also it makes sense, it fits, about the involvement of Thomas with this specific LARP. With this one that connects not only to QAnon, but to his old puzzle, Pi.Mobi, that he used to infiltrate Cicada. We’re basically like hitting two birds with one stone.

Cicada Lestat Tweet TS = A858 to Corsi = PiMobi Connection Confirmed USE

Trujillo: “Got it. Ok. Now I’m tracking with you, I’m starting to understand this. This is confusing. You got to make it simple for an old guy like me.”

Tafoyovsky: “It’s ok. It’s good reference for me when I do the videos.” Arturo is very patient and respectful with me. Talking with him is a blizzard of personalities in the Truther Movement that I never heard of, and a crash course in the intricacies of Cicada 3301—that “most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age.”

I cannot help comparing him to Manuel Chavez III. Tafoyovsky is Mexican, and courtesy comes naturally to him. Chavez is American, rude, contemptuous, quick to assume betrayal–which makes sense when you consider that he was betrayed by Thomas Schoenberger and in turn betrayed the secrets of Cicada 3301. Betrayal is a repeated theme in the psychological makeup of Chavez.

Trujillo: “Do I have your permission to go ahead and do a transcript of our conversation here? I’ll send it to you before I publish it. I do not have to publish this. If you think it should be published I am happy to publish it.” [25:27].

Tafoyovsky: “You know, I’ve already told you what I, why I talk to you, what I want is that–to get, if something is going to be saved for history–that it be right.”

Trujillo: “Ok. Because that is what I would like to do. I think, I mean at this point so far, just taking… from a meta-standpoint, we have a connection between Cicada and Q, and right now Defango is having the most influence on how the Cicada narrative is going to be documented.” [26:13].

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah, and that’s the thing, that is why I’m worried, is that, because Thomas has to be amputated from (telling his kitty no!) Cicada, because he is not Cicada, he got officially kicked out, he has no documentation, no creative, uh, he is not creating anything working for the puzzle or anything.” [26:34]

Trujillo: “Right. I understand that it was Kryptos who was doing the puzzles.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. And he is doing his own mess on his own, (Arturo is still talking about Schoenberger, and has not yet shifted over to talk about Kryptos, whom I will discuss in some detail momentarily) and he is using different outlets on social media to propagate and maintain that narrative.”

“And even Defango, I don’t know, [27:12] I talked to him so many times to stop associating him (Schoenberger) with Cicada… that’s why I tried to like, Thomas is fake Cicada. This not only goes to Cicada, also they work through Anonymous, Lisa Clapier or Snow White, Sam I Am, is Unanimous–that is the feminine side of Anonymous, there are other little groups and stuff that work in that same way.” [27:45].

Cicada Lestat Lisa Clapier nee Rudd = Unanimous = Beautiful Exchange = Pistis Sophia = @SnowWhite7IAM Activist Media Aug 10 2019

Upon investigation, it turns out that Lisa Clapier nêe Rudd’s criminal record includes felony convictions for writing hot checks and other offenses. I am struck by the proliferation of felons in the Q’verse–and even within Cicada 3301.

Arturo Tafoyovsky tells me, “and yes, she has a worse criminal record than Thomas.” Which is a whopper statement, because the criminal history of Thomas Schoenberger is lengthy, indeed. Then Arturo tells me some gossip, that I will investigate in coming days: “she ran over and killed her husband.”

I can only say, “WHAT?”

Cicada Lestat Lisa Clapier Worse Criminal Record Than Thomas! Aug 10 2019

He walks the statement back slightly, saying, “Maybe I’m wrong about the husband but she did run over someone and killed him, it was classified as an accident or something.” (Arturo Tafoyovsky, personal interview, August 10, 2019).

Monkey Savant, “08/02/19 LARPSLAYER 7 : REQUIEM 4 QANON (FINAL DEBUNK) + WIKILEAKS + UNITY4J,” YouTube, August 2, 2019.

Tafoyovsky: “And, maybe you have not seen other clips that I put out… we,  I recorded six months ago?  Remember that I told you I find out this group Unity4J, involved with Thomas, also involved with QAnon, and WikiLeaks? We got a friend that analyzed the data from social media and stuff… and that stuff goes back to the Russian Embassy.” [28:21].

I am struck dumb and I sit silent for a moment.

Tafoyovsky: “I am sorry… I am struggling with the translation. The net of people, that communicate between each other, that are involved in MAGA, and puzzles, and in WikiLeaks… is very interesting.”

I find my voice again and I ask:

Trujillo: “What is the connection of the Russian Embassy?” [28:57].

Tafoyovsky: “Well, it is people… to that point, I really… I do not know. And on that point, I am ok with not knowing.” [29:16].

Trujillo: “It is ok to say you do not know. It is important to understand what you do know. But it is even more important to know what you do not know. That is ok.” And nobody can dispute that delving into matters potentially implicating the Russian Embassy should be done with due care and discretion.

Tafoyovsky: “It is simply that there is a part investigating that, you know, you just got to get to a point where you feel safe.”

I am laughing. [29:43] Arturo turned up a possible Russian Embassy link to a fraudulent conspiracy that exploited the notoriety of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for profit!

Tafoyovsky continues: “And not go in and mess with other stuff, and basically this comment was just in reference that it is, in fact, a big connection between people, maybe most of them in an informal way… and I think that it is testimony on why it has been so hard to… to expose, and… [29:56] to fight against the defamation, I guess.” [30:26].

Trujillo: “It is interesting to me because I had a long conversation with Defango yesterday, or the day [30:39] before yesterday (it was May 22, 2019, transcription is underway)… and uh, he was telling me that in the next couple weeks President Trump is going to do something in a definitive fashion that proves that QAnon is a LARP,  it’s not connected to the US government in any way. He said that we’re going to see that in a couple of weeks. [30:58]. So I am kind of watching for that. But, you know, Defango did not want to tell me. Or be specific. He likes to play his games.” [31:00]. (And I am still waiting, two and a half months later).

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. That is what I do not like about him. Like, I sent you what he tweeted… after what I discovered. And now he comes out and says, “Oh, I knew all along, but I didn’t want to say.”

Trujillo: “Right. Right.”

Cicada Lestat Interview Screengrab May 24 2019 35-57 Timestamp

Tafoyovsky: “I want him, I know he needs to win. [31:35]. I understand him. And I would be totally ok if he would take all the glory. For example.”

Trujillo: “Yeah. Yeah.”

Tafoyovsky: “But I see him do that kind of stuff in comments. And I like… I can’t, like… it would be more harmful for him.” [31:32].

Trujillo: “Don’t engage.”

Tafoyovsky: “Excuse me?”

Trujillo: “Don’t engage. Let him win. Let him talk.” [32:05].

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah, that is what I’ve been trying to do, and he just adapts his story around it. [32:12]. And I don’t mind. I mean, I am not going to lie to him.” [32:23].

Trujillo: “No.”

Tafoyovsky: “But he can… I understand that his life has been screwed up also.” [32:34].

Trujillo: “I think you nailed it when you said that he wants to win. He needs to win. I think that sums it up in a phrase. He needs to win. You know? Desperately. So let’s just let him win, and we’ll just make sure that the information gets out.” [32:58].

Chavez lost his composure when I published this interview because I published it before I published an interview with him. As infantile as that is, I understand Chavez. He is at times overwhelmed by inadequacy. His pursuit of fame is an attempt to fill a gaping black hole at his core. His history is one of betrayal, he cannot trust anybody, least of all himself, because no one understands his inadequacies better.

Chavez’s interview, which I will publish on this site in coming weeks, is gigantic. We talked for nearly three hours, and a host of characters and events needed to be explained for the interview to make sense to a lay reader who is not a daily watcher of a niche category of YouTube videos.

Cicada Defango Lestat Douchebag Fool Aug 13 2019 1-20-06 Timestamp

Defango TV (Manuel Chavez III), “News #hongkongprotest #lightwave – Defango TV 8-13-2019,” YouTube, August 13, 2019: Timestamp : [1:20;06].

Rather than ignoring this interview, Chavez was compelled to read it–on his YouTube channel. As he read it, he mocked Tafoyovsky for citing research previously done by himself. He called me a “fool” and a “douchebag” because he thinks that I am choosing sides. Instead of feeling validated because Tafoyovsky cited his solid research, research that was duly noted by me, Chavez accused Tafoyovsky of stealing from him.

I am meticulous in matters of attribution. There was no theft. There was acknowledgement of good research. The proof of that is in this interview.

“So the other news today, we got Lestat actually coming out with an interview with some fool (Chavez is referring to me). I actually talked to this fool, too. I talked to this fool I believe before Lestat but I guess he posted Lestat’s interview before he posted mine, because–well, I don’t know why. I called him a douchebag because he posted Lestat’s shit before my shit and Lestat’s shit is always half true.”

Chavez is approximately 31 years old, with 20,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. When I was 31 years old, I was advising detachments of the Peruvian Drug Police in the Upper Huallaga Valley in combat. I was a combat veteran of service in the 2d Ranger Battalion, and an alumnus of the 1st Special Forces Group. I was honored by President Ronald Reagan at the 1984 State of the Union Address. A search on my birthname Stephen Trujillo turns this up with a click.

Chavez and I live in different worlds. Because I published an interview with Tafoyovsky first, his imaginary rival, Chavez calls me a fool and a douchebag. A smart person would wait until his own interview is published before calling the writer a douchebag. But we are not dealing with smart people here. This is my fault. I selected this topic because I am interested in it, and these are the characters involved.

Chavez craves fame. I will make him famous. His role in these historical matters justifies it. Calling me childish names will not change one word of the history that I am writing.

Because information is my priority, the historical record, and Arturo Tafoyovsky wants the historical record of Cicada 3301 to be accurate, as do I, we are allies in that aim. For these are cypherpunk ideals, and Cicada 3301 is a cypherpunk enterprise. Information needs to be free. Those are not just stirring words, they are more than a t-shirt slogan.

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah, I just try to do my stuff and not, like don’t try to direct any kind of [33:17] aggressiveness or hate on what he does… but, uh… it maybe gets me… But maybe that’s just me, reflecting on this.” [33:25]

Cicada Lestat Interview Timestamp 33-33 May 24 2019

Trujillo: “Let me sum up here. Basically what you’ve done, is you have connected [33:41] Corsi to Jack. And we know that Jack is Thomas. OK?”

Arturo considers and then agrees.

Tafoyovsky: “Mmm-hmm. Yeah. I am not the only one that made the connection between Corsi and Jack. Because that came out basically kind of as a leak. A year ago.” [34:06]

Trujillo: “Right. Ok, so Corsi is connected to Jack. Jack is QAnon.” [34:15].

Arturo Tafoyovsky clarifies the statement: “You can call it the essence. [34:26] You know because there is the Bakers, and the people that have the tripcode and stuff?”

Trujillo: “Right.”

Tafoyovsky: “You can say that they are posting Q. But I am sure that at one point they lost Thomas, like, because you know, the posts start changing.”

Trujillo: “Yes they do.” [34:50] And indeed the Q drops did change. The iterations of QAnon will be examined elsewhere.

Tafoyovsky: “The tone and stuff. So I’m sure because that is what he proposes to do. So at the start of it, they had the favor of Thomas, because also it was his baby, and then he lost it and they lost Thomas and therefore the way that Q posted changed.” [35:15].

Trujillo: “Well. Actually it was at that time, I got to go back and look at the dates. But uh, Corsi came out and said, a new QAnon has been designated at the highest levels…”

Cicada Lestat Cracks Up Interview Timestamp 35-33 May 24 2019

Arturo cracks up because this is one of the stupidest things imaginable and it really happened. [35:33].

Trujillo (continues): “… and this is just out of Corsi’s imagination. This is basically Corsi saying, “we just made up a new guy to be QAnon. And we’re going to continue.”

Q Corsi CodeMonkey &amp; Q Both Compromised 5 May 18 Take Over


Trujillo [35:46] (continues): “And everyone just said, “oh, ok,” I mean, they trust this guy, this old guy, Corsi, who claims to have connections to the intelligence community, and guess what Arturo? He doesn’t. There is no connection to the intelligence community.” [36:03].

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah, I’m sure, like Robert David Steele…. that he’s supposed to be like this secret agent, covert operations… (crosstalk)… Well, actually you can Corsi, and uh, there’s a connection I think that I might be, I might have to… I recall that there was a connection between Corsi, Stone, RDS.” [36:35] “Well. Anyway. Anyway, RDS was pushing QAnon, like crazy…”

Trujillo: “Yeah. Well, RDS… could be–he is a candidate for being involved.” [36:57].

Tafoyovsky: “Well, RDS, If you followed him up to the grossest of the LARP echelon, and you get to the ITNJ International Tribunal of Natural Justice.”

Trujillo: “Mmm-hmm.” (Agreeing).

Tafoyovsky: “There are a lot of other LARPERs in that thing, [37:19] and that it is connected to a bunch, but, like, that is another topic. But we are also on that…anyway.” [37:30].

Trujillo: “Interesting… Ok, so sum up this in a phrase. What is the significance of the tweets that you posted today.” [37:40].

Tafoyovsky: “Well, the significance is that we have proven that the same person that started the puzzle known as Pi.Mobi that eventually [37:59] infiltrated the real Cicada group, uh, and that same person or owner of that account influenced, or was in communication, and there were…. uh, interactions, or sending and receiving of information, portraying himself as QAnon… uh, at the same time Corsi was promoting to his donors that [38:38] they would receive like, special emails that only him and Q shared… and those, and not only that, and by a third person that was in communication with Jack… and Q, and stuff, that it is Thomas.” (He laughs, because this is just so ludicrous).

“And I think that… that it’s, I don’t think… it is… without a doubt, the biggest evidence that we could, that anyone has come [39:23] with, regarding any identity that you can put on QAnon.”

Trujillo: “I agree.” I do not think that there is any question that Thomas Schoenberger used his A858 email address to masquerade as QAnon to deceive Jerome Corsi for an unknown period of time. We can integrate this, I think, into an analysis of the iterations of QAnon. As I said: such an analysis is underway, and will be published in due time.

Tafoyovsky: “Partially or absolutely. But no one has that. And that, because I think that he is the puppet master… because like I said, connected to many others, if we take care of that… everything else is just going to start popping up, like it has been in these past days…” [39:59].

Trujillo: “Yeah.”

Tafoyovsky: “So I feel great about it—”

Trujillo: “You should.”

Tafoyovsky: “It has taken more than a year, if you add up the stuff, so I am thankful and happy…” [40:19].

Cicada Q A858 TS Bernie4Ever Socks 72 Seconds USE

Trujillo: “Just be careful. Thomas… that guy is so toxic. I mean I come across his fingerprints, his footsteps, everywhere, and he is involved in really terrible, terrible shit. Be careful.” [40:47].

Tafoyovsky: “Alright, man. And, uh… this next phase I am sure is going to be a little bit busy and stuff. But I am trying to put out a really good video… I know that it’s a video that I make that it has to be good, because it is meant to go… to really… to affect or make a change. I hope so. I will try my best.” [41:36].

Trujillo: “Well there are two ways to go. You can make a home run, or you can go step by step, carefully, chronicling everything, documenting everything, and at the end of the process you have an overwhelming preponderance of proof that shows what happened. Two ways. A home run, or the long slow way.” [42:15]

Tafoyovsky: “Maybe we can make a chimera out of those things.”

I am laughing. Arturo cracks me up.

Tafoyovsky: “Well something has to be done, because there is—I know that Thomas is not going to stop. Because he can’t stop.”

Trujillo: “He can’t.”

Tafoyovsky: “So I feel under pressure because maybe he’s going to do something stupid…” [42:36].

Trujillo: “It is inevitable. he can’t keep track of his lies. And this is how we trip him up, this is how we find out, he’s using the same email address for different things, this is how we catch him.”

Cicada Lestat Tweet TS = A858 to Corsi = PiMobi Connection Confirmed USE

Tafoyovsky: “And he starts, what do you call it? Wasting all his [43:23] bullets, for example, all his friends, he burns them up, so he keeps going and going… Like I find out there was this character, an associate of Thomas from the start, that is known as iamzero, he has some videos just trashing the older members like brotherBox and ?? and I just figured out who he is. He is an anchorman for Fox.”

Trujillo: “Who? Who?”

Tafoyovsky: “His name is Tim Young.”

Trujillo: “Please do. How do you spell Zeros? You told me the name he was using… on YouTube, what was it it again? How do you spell Zeros?”

Tafoyovsky: “iamzero? Zero? Zeroes? Tim Young. I have it here, he actually followed me, It was so weird. After I met Thomas, he followed me on Twitter, and well, he is like a famous person, he has a bunch of followers, (nearly 228,000 on Twitter) and I really, like, felt awkward. Why is he adding me? And stuff. Mostly because… one second… (typing, focusing, distracted by something)… Oh. Excuse me. Uh… What was I going to tell you?” [45:10].

Trujillo: “Tim Young?”

Tafoyovsky: “Oh, yes. Here it is. He added me. And uh, I remembered I tried saying hi, and he never answered me back… that’s recently on twitter, his twitter account, I can send you the iamzeros channel and video…” [45:52].

Trujillo: “Please do… ok, so what is this guy doing? What is his connection to everything?” [46:10].

Tafoyovsky: “Well. That is a good question. Maybe he…”

Trujillo: “He is connected to Thomas, right?”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. Yeah. I have a bunch of text messages that they talked to each other and they are actually planning like, to take over Cicada, or this group, or that group, it is like their… one second… You can just hear by the voice… I have more evidence, but if you have a good ear, uh… it’s really easy… oh. The give-away is how he curses. He makes special emphasis, and you know, the word patterns? The way he talks, it gives him away. Also the necessity of covering his face… is just a signal that he is concerned about his face.” [47:25]


Trujillo: “Tim Young.” A third rate comedian trying to hit the bigtime as a political commentator does not interest me, and he clearly lacks any qualities that coincide with Cicada 3301. I get back to business. “What is the current status of Cicada?” [47:54].

Tafoyovsky: “We are on stand-by until Thomas goes away. (Laughs). Each of us are doing stuff, and we talk, but nothing is going to be public until Thomas goes away.”

Trujillo: “Ok. Who is currently participating in this?”

Tafoyovsky: “Maybe you can say like, maybe 9 to 10 persons. But I cannot really say their names. Besides from the persons who are already out, most of them are still with us. Yeah.”

Trujillo: “That’s good. I mean, Genki is still involved with you?”

Cicada DJ Genki Blocks me on Twitter?

Somebody is talking to somebody, as immediately after I asked Thomas Schoenberger for an interview on April 16, 2019, DJ Genki, qntmpkts and a number of Schoenberger sock accounts blocked me on Twitter. I recently sent Genki and other Cicada insiders interview requests. If they read this, they should consider that my intent is to ensure that Cicada 3301 is accurately chronicled and archived. I am not a journalist, I do not engage in gotcha journalism. I am an old cypherpunk, a political scientist, and an historian. In my youth, I was a soldier.

Schoenberger should ask himself whether he wishes his involvement in Cicada 3301 to be characterized by his critics or by himself. So far, only his critics are talking to me. None of his allies. I strive to be dispassionate, but my analysis will inevitably be shaped by my sources.

Tafoyovsky: “That is a good question. He has not talked to me in awhile. I got angry at him. Because he did not want to… he was… yeah, I can tell you about that, but off the record. I do not like talking about other people.” [49:17]. (We never do discuss it).

Trujillo: “Sure. It is alright. It is ok. So… What’s Kryptos doing?”

Tafoyovsky: “Kryptos… Bruno?”

Trujillo: “Leaping Lemur?”

Tafoyovsky: “Oh, the Liber Primus?”

Trujillo: “No, no, no, Kryptos… There’s a guy I cannot remember the rest of it.” [49:46]

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. Kryptos Journal.”

Trujillo: “Yeah. That is it. What is he doing?”

Tafoyovsky: “He’s always been weird and stuff. He sometimes… [50:12] he would be like, you cannot really talk to him about serious topics, because he would just stop talking to you. He just doesn’t respond.”

“But if I send him something and start talking about anime, or anything else, you can get an answer. I think that… my understanding is he also is on stand-by. Because really Thomas has… like, he has no one… from the people that actually created things… no one is with him anymore.”

Trujillo: “Well he has his little business-side guys, Richard Lech, but they are not the creators.” [51:07].

Cicada Richard Lech StaffMeUp Profile Cicada TV Series

Tafoyovsky: “No.”

Richard Lech makes zero creative contributions in the internal Cicada documents in my possession, suggesting that his purpose was always to monetize the intellectual property of the order.

Trujillo: “As I understand it Kryptos was the primary puzzle maker. Is that correct?” (I already know that he was. I am just trying to get Arturo on the record so that I can compare his statements with those of other Cicada insiders. I make no secret of my methods or my purposes. As I say, I am an historian and a political scientist with cypherpunk convictions).

Tafoyovsky: “Yes. You can say that. Yeah. Sure. I mean everybody helped in some way.” (Internal Cicada documents in my possession do indeed reflect a collaborative brainstorming process where multiple participants contribute. My next installment will showcase this).

“What I know of him is that he [51:39] couldn’t care less of putting his name out there. It was kind of a thing with all of us… but… Thomas took care of him like he was the golden child. And there was another one, (another individual by the same name) but like, because of the compartmentalization… that he kept us different, and told us different stories about each other, so we did not talk to each other… a lot of us like really came together, but some of them really got hurt. And they do not want to know about this anymore.”

(After Thomas Schoenberger and his co-conspirators were exposed by Manuel Chavez III trying to commercialize Cicada 3301 and broker a deal with Hollywood–a deal that excluded the digital artists who actually created its intellectual property–those Cicada insiders were irretrievably alienated).

Cicada Lestat TS Levine Lech Insurgent Media SONY TS Criminal Record

Trujillo: “Who is Z?” (I already know the answers to these questions but I am asking in order to confirm what other Cicada insiders told me).

Tafoyovsky: “Uh, that’s him. That’s another thing, that was another thing… it always bothered me that Z changed his names and his handles. I think that sometimes it was even Thomas.” (It was. At times, Schoenberger himself masqueraded as Z, or Z 3301).

“Because sometimes Z presented himself with the name Richard Miller (which is his true name). But it’s somebody, another story. There was another Richard Miller within Thomas’s group.”

Tafoyovsky is referring to Dr. Richard Alan Miller, ex-husband of occult writer Iona Miller, an associate of Thomas Schoenberger’s–all of whom will be addressed in detail in the next installment in this series.

Tafoyovsky continues: “Which made it complicated. But then I saw different people… at the end… I could say that: Kryptos is Z.” [53:30]

Cicada Iona Miller Mind Control for Dummies Lestat Video November 30, 2018

Trujillo: “It gets very complicated very quickly.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes. Between the people that we came together and talked, we uncovered a lot of things, but unfortunately many people like Z, they completely isolated themselves because of all this trouble.” [53:54].

And this is the fallout of the Schoenberger era and Cicada 3301. Due to the greed of a con man and his co-conspirators, amazing artists were alienated and an incredible creative engine was wrecked. I am writing the early history of Cicada 3301. This interview with Arturo Tafoyovsky is its first installment. I hope that Cicada continues, and outlives me. Someone else, I hope, will write the final history of Cicada 3301.

Trujillo: “It was very ugly. So I do not remember if we talked about it. Who has the PGP Key now? (Defango was emphatic in saying that Kryptos did, personal interview, Manuel Chavez III (Defango), May 22, 2019, transcription ongoing).

Tafoyovsky: “I really can’t tell.” (He knows but he cannot tell me). “It’s a person that has access to the internet… limited access? Yeah. That’s a good hint.” The hint flies right over my head. I know who likely holds that PGP key, but I am trying to confirm it through multiple sources.

Trujillo: “You do not think that Kryptos has it?” [54:39]. (Sometimes a frontal attack works, so I try this Hail Mary).

Tafoyovsky: “Uh, no. That is something that almost broke a fight between us, as I was telling him from the start actually, I think that I mentioned it when I talked to brotherBox… an interview… that I called him out, like, can’t you see the mess that is going on?”

“Why don’t you put out a fucking PGP message… A PGP message disavowing Thomas. And I got answers, “No, that will only make him more important, that will only validate him, we do not want to burn the PGP on him.”

“I [55:19] was like ok, that makes sense and stuff, and I had to… yeah, I trusted him, so I was like, ok, but then it came to the point where people were feeling suicidal and other stuff started happening more intense, (referring here to Pavana and Jesse, see video above), that is when I said fuck that, this has to stop, and part of that was why Genki does not talk to me anymore. [56:02]. Because I was pressuring him, I was asking him for help. And I got angry that he didn’t want to, he has his motives and stuff… but I resent that he doesn’t want to fix it. I think that’s more important.” [56:34].

So do I. But then, I also want to know the answers to all mysteries.

Trujillo: “He doesn’t want to step up.” [56:34].

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. I think that is because he does not like confrontation. He is a very noble soul, and you can actually  listen to him in one of the videos I uploaded, called Inner Sanctum, that’s him talking.”

Lestat (Arturo Tafoyovsky), “cicada3301 /innersanctum.” YouTube, April 22, 2019.

Lestat, “genky,” YouTube, December 28, 2018.

The video “/innersanctum” is a voice-masked version of a monologue by DJ Genki that was previously uploaded by Arturo Tafoyovsky and is now preserved within my growing LBRY archive of Cicada materials: @Samizdat.

Trujillo: “I will look for it.”

Tafoyovsky: “Have you seen it?”

Trujillo: “I think I may have. I am not sure. I have seen so much of this stuff.” [57:12].

Tafoyovsky: He smiles. “I can send it to you.”

Trujillo: “Yes, Please do. What is this you sent? iamzero.” (Laughing. Watching a video).

(Silence, listening to Tim Young curse up a storm like a total loser).

Trujillo: “Arturo how is it possible that this is dated October 31, 2015?”

Tafoyovsky: “What is dated?” [58:34].

Trujillo: “This video, “A big f you to cicadasolver and btotherbox,” by iamzero.”

Tafoyovsky: “That is where… the date that he made it. Like, that’s the [57:37] date where Thomas was infiltrating Cicada, and that was their operation, after the IRCs, after the brutes on Facebook?” (He means attacks on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels and the bruteforce attacks to take over Cicada-solving pages on Facebook).

“He went under the name of John Magnus, we also proven that it is him because there is a Pinterest account that’s in the name of John Magnus, and his address is, I can send you the link also.” The email address tstger13 is a long-known address used by Thomas Schoenberger.

Cicada TS Pinterest John Magnus August 13 2019

Trujillo: “Ok, So who is this guy in the mask.”

Tafoyovsky: “That is Tim Young. The anchor from Fox.”

Cicada iam zero (yes he is) 2 faces June 29, 2016

Tim Young, erstwhile Fox personality, aka iam zero, a masked, foul-mouthed ranter on YouTube, accuses Nox Populi of “two-faced” behavior. Hamfisted irony.

Trujillo: “Oh my God.” [59:49]. Tim Young is not a rocket scientist.

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah it’s crazy.” Smiling. “I am going to send you something also so you can compare it, you can see the style…”

(Silence)… Arturo talks to his cat.

Trujillo: “/innersanctum,” ok…”

Tafoyovsky: Laughing. “It is so funny. I also have more evidence, if you want to do the voice…”

Arturo looks tired.

Tafoyovsky: “I sent you, just uploaded…” (unintelligible.) [1:01:01].

Trujillo: “Ah. Washington Examiner.” Nodding. Watching a video. (Silence)… “Why is it… that I do not like this guy, Arturo?”

(Apparently Tim Young’s last appearance in the august pages of The Washington Examiner, a sister-publication of the same rag that started the Fusion-GPS mess that was taken over by the DNC and the Perkins Coie law firm as a cutout for the Hillary Clinton campaign, was in 2018: maybe they came to their senses and chose not to renew his contract? No idea. Just speculating).

Tafoyovsky: “Excuse me? That guy? Tim Young?”

Trujillo: “Yeah, Tim Young.”

Tafoyovsky: “He spells out, like this bad vibe.” [01:01:18].

Trujillo: “He does.”

Tafoyovsky: “He like, he hates… I don’t know, it also like, bothered me… like it made me feel like, yeah, that like… really negative people (I am shaking my head) and the one that spreads that kind of attitude, like, resonates negative activity, but snowflake negativity.”

Trujillo: “Very much. I agree.” [1:03:15].

Tafoyovsky: “He just tells them to, you know, put out a fight and they coward out? But yeah, he does give that negativity, and also in that video with the mask, you just spread it, and it is the same sentiment. Also the voice tones…” [01:03:40].

Trujillo: “I am going to watch it.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yeah. So do that. I got to make a stop in the bathroom and I have to attend to other matters.”

Trujillo: “Go take care of your doggie, man.” I was under the mistaken impression that Arturo is a dog owner. Like myself, he is a cat custodian.

Tafoyovsky: “Maybe, what time is it for you there?”

Trujillo: “It is like almost 8 o’clock at night.”

Tafoyovsky: “Eight o’clock?”

Trujillo: “Yeah. I’ll be up for another couple of hours, then I gotta go lay down.” I am an old man. When my body and my eyes and my brain ache, I need to take a break.

Tafoyovsky: “I will send you a message. Lots of people are like, asking me a bunch of stuff.”

Trujillo: “It looks like Twitter is blowing up for you.”

Tafoyovsky: “Yes, it is going to be… well, who knows. Let’s see what happens.”

Trujillo: “Just be careful.” [1:05:06].

Tafoyovsky: “I’ll try.”

Trujillo: “Just be careful. I do worry about you.”

Tafoyovsky: “Thanks. I will be ok. I just wanted to…”

Trujillo: “Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I appreciate it. This is complicated stuff for an old man.”

Tafoyovsky: “Oh, it’s ok, and like I said, it also helps me, what I want is to transmit–my cat is crazy–but I wanted to transmit the message effectively.”

Trujillo: “That is right. We can help each other. Go take care of your kitty.”

Tafoyovsky: “Ok. Thanks. And have great day—ah, night. On your side.”

Trujillo: “You do the same, I’ll talk with you soon.”

Tafoyovsky: “Ok. Bye bye.” [1:06:00].

End recording: [01:06:00].

End Transcript: Conclusion

This was my initial transcribed interview with an insider in the enigmatic order, Cicada 3301, the chief of graphics, the primary videographer during the Middle Period, Arturo Tafoyovsky (Lestat).

I conducted the next interview in this series with Manuel Chavez III (Defango) on May 22, 2019. That interview and its accompanying transcription and commentary are now up to nearly 40,000 words in length. It delves the origins of QAnon and the synergy between Q and Cicada. It will be published in coming weeks, with installments in both the Q Files and the Cicada Files series.

These articles are the foundation of a forthcoming work on QAnon, and potentially on Cicada 3301.

This interview with Arturo Tafoyovsky confirmed the identity of the Cicada cryptographer Richard Miller (aka Z, Z 3301, Kryptos, Kryptos JournalLethargic Lemur and other pseudonyms), introduced Dr. Richard Allen Miller and his ex-wife, the New Age esoteric writer Iona Miller, and exposed the Fox network talking head Tim Young.

In his review of this interview, Manuel Chavez insisted on calling Tim Young “Tim Barnes.” Perhaps Tim Barnes was doxxed and I am unaware of it. Regardless, Young/Barnes is tangential to these matters. The status of Cicada’s PGP key was broached: its present disposition will be confirmed in my next installment.

The role of Richard Lech in the Cicada order was addressed. The former “head composer” Michael Levine will be discussed in detail in the next article in this series, and the events that led to the dissolution of the order explained. Other inner order members like DJ Genki were introduced. Further interviews with other Cicada insiders are underway.

We were introduced to the nefarious quilt trafficking of Ms. Denise Matteau, Thomas Schoenberger was revealed as the perpetrator of the reddit A858 mystery, the author of the Pi.Mobi puzzle, “Carol from Cali’s” grifting correspondent “Jack with a K,” and Jerome Corsi’s mysterious Q.

For a period during Corsi’s ascendance as a Q whisperer, as an interpreter of Q drops in early 2018, Schoenberger masqueraded as Q and deceived the old deceiver, if only for a while.

For those former members of Cicada 3301 who cannot decide whether they wish to speak with me, I say this: I am writing the history of Cicada 3301. I possess sufficient data to complete an initial draft. More information could make that history more detailed. Everyone who wants the truth about Cicada 3301 to be preserved for history should collaborate in that.

This interview features the views of Arturo Tafoysky. For those who disagree with those views, or hold different views, the only way to ensure that their dissent is chronicled is to talk to me. Or they can, of course, write their own histories.

More, much more, is coming. Stay tuned.

August 14, 2019.

August 15, 2019: Chavez errors revised.

August 17-8, 2019: Denise Matteau corrections made.

Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez


Q Files: Paul Furber Interviewed

Mr. Paul Furber of South Africa was an Anon and a Moderator on 4chan in October, 2017. On the 27th of that month, he noticed cryptic posts on the /pol/ board. It was a couple of days before the author of those posts began signing himself as “Q,” but Mr. Furber immediately recognized that something unusual was happening.

In the ensuing days and weeks, Mr. Furber became the original Q evangelist. To this day, Mr. Furber still considers himself “under orders from the original Q,” and he continues to promote the Q superconspiracy.

Paul Furber is one reason why QAnon went viral. The role that Mr. Furber played in the early stages of the Q phenomenon led some to suspect that Paul Furber himself was the elusive Q. This was my primary motive in asking him for an interview.

BLUF: I no longer suspect that Paul Furber is QAnon. This long interview (nearly two hours) is rich in detail and it showcases his thinking beyond all preceding coverage: the website heavy published a biopic about him on the same day that an influential NBC News article appeared criticizing the Q superconspiracy. Both were components in a coordinated fake news attack on Q that began in late July, 2018, and continued into September of that year.

(Tom Cleary, “Paul Furber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” heavy, August 14, 2018; Brandy Zadrozny & Ben Collins, “How three conspiracy theorists took “Q” and sparked Qanon,” NBC News, August 14, 2018).

Examining the objective forensics of this interview leaves me inconclusive, but the subjective consistency and coherence of Mr. Furber’s recounting suggest that he is truthful when he denies masquerading as QAnon. And there are other candidates.

Mr. Furber brings decades of experience writing and coding to his conspiratorial ministry. Graduating from Falcon College in Zimbabwe in 1984, he wrote for South African media company IT Web, for Brainstorm, and CareerWeb. He writes code for Tildedot. Where Q is concerned, we must understand that Paul Furber is a conspiracy theorist with deep foundations, an autodidact with demonstrable expertise in historical conspiracy theory.

This interview will consolidate Paul Furber’s historical role in the evolution of the Q phenomenon. As I say, Q is no longer a mere phenomenon: Q is now a movement, with all the sociopolitical and ideological implications that implies.

This interview was recorded on April 30, 2019. I completed the draft transcript for Mr. Furber’s review on May 17, 2019. After some minor corrections, I published this interview with accompanying commentary and transcript on May 19, 2019. I updated some further corrections on June 3, 2019: 21294 words.

This interview is the second in a projected Q Files series, and the first to be published.


Begin Transcript.

Q Paul Furber BaruchtheScribe InfoWars Vid Screen Grab Full Face

Mr. Paul Furber (aka BaruchTheScribe) in a screen grab from an interview with Rob Dew of InfoWars December 27, 2017.

Mr. Furber is approximately my age (58), a distinguished, bearded white male broadcasting with an artfully shadowed backdrop behind him. His nickname, “Baruch,” appears at the lower left of the display.  

Mr. Furber joins me from Johannesburg, South Africa. I tell him that I have friends who rave about South Africa. He says “it is an amazing country, well, it was an amazing country, we are in trouble at the moment.” 

Paul Furber (BaruchTheScribe) Interview April 30 2019

Mr. Paul Furber (aka BaruchTheScribe), Personal Interview, April 30, 2019. 

I say that I understand. I do not follow South African politics, but I see blips about it crossing my radar. “It looks horrendous. You’ve got this exodus of white people going to Russia. It is crazy.”

He agrees, “yeah, Georgia, Russia,” he says that “it is very sad, because people have worked very hard for 25 years to make it work, but now that the government has failed so horribly, they are pulling out the race card, so “Oh, whites are racist,” which is absolute nonsense, so, yeah … I think we are headed for a civil war. I don’t see any other way out of it.”

I say, ”well, it won’t be the first time, obviously,.” 

“No,” he agrees. “It is going to be nasty.”

I say that I am very sorry about it, and I am. I ask if he has plans to relocate, as civil wars are never benign. 

He says no, he is dug in, “I have independent power, and satellite internet, although it is broken at the moment, the guys were just fixing it today, which lands in Europe, so, yeah, I have my own power, my own food, water, internet connectivity. Everything.” 

“Good on you.” 

He explains: “I am on a reasonably large property, so I can grow, I mean with my vegetable garden I can really live off that.” 


“Yeah. Fuel, solar, I am prepared for anything. Lots of ammo.” He laughs, as he knows that I am an American. 🙂 

“Right,” I say. I am pleased that he has the resources to do that. That is impressive. 

Mr. Furber has seen South Africa’s date with destiny coming for a few years. He got into the right mindset, he red-pilled his family. “Just in case,” he said, “let’s get ready. Just prepare. Be ready. Even if nothing happens, nothing will have been wasted.”

I agree: “You are right. It is not a waste.”

I say that I am delighted that he is joining me today. I explain that I am writing on QAnon. I am perplexed and fascinated by the movement. It is not a phenomenon anymore, it is now a movement.

Mr. Furber agrees, “pretty much, yeah,” that Q is now a movement. I mention an article that I wrote about Sebastian Gorka, how clueless the former counselor to the President is, he does not understand Q nor modern conservatism. 

(Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, “Q Files: Dr. Sebastian Gorka,” Magic Kingdom Dispatch, April 12, 2019). 

Me: “To say that Q supporters are not Trump supporters is ludicrous.”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, that’s crazy.” 

I continue: “He really discredited himself. As we know, Gorka has been a consistent critic of QAnon. For quite some time.” 

“From the very beginning. He says “Q is garbage. Yeah.” 

Q Seb Gorka Q is a Fraud Leave the Cult Apr 5 19

I say, “the Q’verse just shrugs, they say, well, you should join us, you should do your research, “obviously you are not read into the compartment.” It doesn’t matter.” 

I continue: “And this is sort of a pattern that we see repeated, because no matter what kind of exposés come out, what kind of exposure comes out, the folks that are running the Q operation right now, it doesn’t matter, they are impervious. Patriot’s Soapbox just continues to march and to grow.”

He agrees: “Yeah, exactly.” 

I say: “This is a situation I think where the Q phenomenon slipped out of its harness and it’s just going, it is going to run.”

He says: “Yeah, very much so.”

(Crosstalk—I must apologize for my inept interviewing skills, I am accustomed to interviewing in person, not virtually across the internet.)

Me: “I was going to say, you have to feel some satisfaction from that…”

Mr. Furber begins his tale: “Yeah, well … let me go back.” He takes a moment, then continues: “It was late October 2017, 18 months ago, I noticed a thread on 4chan, posted by some guy, very out of the ordinary, and he was saying “patriots, your president is taking back your great country,” I said whoa, what is this, that was Saturday or Sunday, by midweek this guy had posted a few times.”

Mr. Furber explains: “He was making outrageous claims. “The National Guard will be deployed, the President’s twitter is probably going to go down,” then Thursday night, the President’s twitter was taken offline. Whoa. How in the hell did he know that?”

He continues: “We were looking on the Friday for reports of the National Guard being deployed, nothing, nothing, Saturday, I was up all night trying to catch up to these threads, and then I noticed that something big was happening in Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince took control of the country, and he arrested 18 crown princes and 14 ministers, and Q came back on and said, “National Guard deployed in Saudi Arabia, have you joined the dots? Or something like that.”

“I said, “ah, man, he was leading us! So now people are really getting interested and more and more Anons were joining the thread. We went back, and we looked at Q’s posts, and there were a whole bunch of hints about Saudi Arabia. Which we didn’t know what he was talking about. He was saying “follow HUMA.” But in capital letters.”

(Editorial Note: This is not a correct reading of Q’s first two drops: Q stated that “US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated,” and forecasted that “Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017.” An alternate reading could be that US Marines would conduct the operation. 

In any case, Hillary Clinton was not in Saudi Arabia, nor was she arrested, and the likelihood of “US M’s” conducting any operation in Saudi Arabia, “while NG activated,” in that country would be remote. 

These first two Q drops are notable because they were the first, and they also established precedents for specificity and failed prediction: “HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am.” No confirmation by any US government agency, much less the Department of State, was ever issued. 

The Q drops of October 28, 2017 continued: “Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur.” Needless to say, there were no activations of US National Guard units, despite Q proposing a means of confirmation: “Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.”)

Q First 2 Posts 28 Oct 17 4chan

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 44. The Storm X.VI can be downloaded via Patreon.

Mr. Furber continues: “That’s the Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA), not Huma Abedin, it had a double meaning, it was very subtle, which was founded by Crown Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (b. 1955-) who had just been arrested. So this guy knew in exact detail what was about to happen in Saudi Arabia. A massive upheaval. Then I was convinced. Nobody knows that kind of information unless they are at the very highest levels.”

Q HUMA CBTS #27 The Storm XVI p. 66

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 66).

“He just kept on dropping bombshells after bombshells, he would use phrases that the president would tweet out ten minutes later. So this was clearly a guy, with Q clearance, standing next to the President. He went to the Far East with him. He posted original photos from Air Force One. Which we matched up with the President’s itinerary. Which matched exactly.”

Mr. Furber remembers: “He started (laughs) trolling Rothschilds, and saying, you know, we can hear you breathing, we know where you are at all times. He started posting these weird military signatures that said…they were kind of hard to decipher.”

Q CBTS #306 Lynn de Rothschild We Can Hear You Breathing, p. 104

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 104).

“Then like four days later there was a kidnap attempt of Lord Jacob, and Lynn de Rothschild, but they were safe in the UK at an airstrip. Then Q said, “did you see this message?” 

“Again, you cannot make up that kind of stuff. By about November, mid to late November, the attacks we were getting on 4chan were like nothing I had ever seen. Floods of posters, distractions, all kinds of disgusting images that flooded discussion away.”

Q CBTS #475 Rothschild Chopper Incident p. 116

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 116).

Mr. Furber continues: “It must have been about the 19th or 20th, I moved to 8chan, which is kind of a better 4chan than 4chan. It runs almost the same software, but instead of us posting on /pol/, the “politically incorrect” board, which we did not own, you can make your own board.” 

“So I made one called Calm Before the Storm (CBTS), and suddenly on the 25th I woke up, and there was a lot of people in there (sic), saying “yeah, we are not going back to 4chan, we’ve been kicked off.” So this is it. I set up some rules, I started organizing threads and then left things alone, hoping that Q would come on, and then he did.”

Mr. Furber continues: “It must have been 1st or 2d December, he posted using his same tripcode. He started posting on my board. I had never been part of history like that before, it was incredible. He was dropping ridiculous predictions and information that nobody could possibly have access to. Except somebody with extraordinary high clearance at NSA, or military intelligence, wherever he was.”


I refer to Q: “Obviously he was somebody who was read into a compartment where this was conducted, ok, so he was part of a very small cabal.”

Mr. Furber agrees: “Absolutely. I believe that one of his posts said, “Q clearance does not mean that I work with Department of Energy (DOE), it means that I have clearance across all departments.” 

Q CBTS #2 What is Q Clearance Drop p. 59

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 59).

“So I kind of suspect that it was … Q was probably Admiral Mike Rogers and a team of his. Because you know that there is a Q Group, at the NSA. Who do this kind of thing.” 

“And also, The New York Times, like the 8th or 9th of November, no—the 10th of November, (unintelligible) posted an article about the Q Group at NSA. Which was a direct warning to the Q group, and Q pointed it out, he said look at this article, a direct attack on the president, yeah, stand-by. So we knew that the bad guys were watching the boards, because they are all anonymous, yeah, anyone can go on there and post whatever they want, so….”

(Scott Shane, Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger, “Security Breach and Spilled Secrets have Shaken the NSA to Its Core,” The New York Times, Nov. 12, 2017).

I say: “Talk to me a little bit about how the 8chan admins facilitated you at that early point on 8chan?”

He says: “Well at first they did not have to do anything, because that’s the point of 8chan … is you just, you know, you log into 8chan and you create a board and it is yours. The admins are kind of in the background just to make sure that the whole board runs properly. They do not mess around with your board.”

I say: “They do not get down in the weeds.”

“No,” he agrees. “CodeMonkey, he was the main 8chan admin, he created secure tripcodes for us. Super secure tripcodes. But I found out later that they are not. They don’t read like the whole password, they only read like the first 7 characters, so they are just as insecure as the original tripcodes.” 

Q Who is Fredrick Brennan? Ron Watkins aka CodeMonkeyZ with 8chan jefe Jim Watkins

8chan founder Fredrick Brennan (aka Hotwheels) with 8chan owner Jim Watkins (Sam Machkovech, “Full transcript: Ars interviews 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan,” Ars Technica, March 17, 2015).

I say: “I saw that. Yeah. Let me look at my notes here real quickly. So you do not have any idea, I mean obviously there is a school of thought that contends that Q Anon is a LARP?”

Mr. Furber replies: “I have an unusual point of view because I was very close to it. Q from October 27 to January 5, I believe was 100% genuine. That was a senior guy at the NSA, with the full knowledge of the President, telling us what was going on behind the scenes. After that, no. After that I do not believe that Q was the same people. I believe that the tripcode was compromised, either by a rival agency or by some script kiddies. It is hard to say. However, it doesn’t actually matter. Because….”


(Mr. Furber previously covered this same narrative terrain in a long thread roll on Twitter. Mr. Furber explained:

“Jan 5 is when the imposters take over #qanon’s tripcode password. The style changes radically: it becomes CAPS-ridden, immature and full of outright falsehoods. Q accuses the board owner of /cbts of lying,” Furber tweeted. “/ But the new #qanon was himself lying. The IP he used was one the mods had never seen before. The board owner would clarify all of this in detail later as well as posting the logs as proof. The new #qanon became obsessed with the idea of private communications between the mods and the real Q, denying it had ever happened and that the claims were the reason for the board change. This makes no sense of course. …”

“He continued, “The fake #qanon moved his posts over to /thestorm/ board but only for a couple of days. He then insulted the board owners and set up his own board at /greatawakening/. Many of us could already see that this wasn’t the real Q but some script kiddies with the tripcode pw. …So what happened to the real #qanon? Obviously he can’t post on 8chan with any authenticity. And any statement from the President on the current Q might compromise all of Q, including the real drops from last year.” (Tom Cleary, “Paul Furber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” heavy, August 14, 2018).

Continuing with our interview, Mr. Furber says: “But you see at first, I was furious. The guy is interrupting the mission, blah blah blah. But when I look back now with the clarity of hindsight, I can see it doesn’t matter, what’s happened is, this thing has a life of its own, and you now have millions of people around the world, who are completely informed, just getting more and more informed about what the elites are really up to. Which is a good thing. It’s a good thing. It’s a great thing.”

Mr. Furber explains: “President Trump could have stopped this in its tracks at any one of his rallies. Instead, what does he do? He stands up and he says, “these people are sick!” (repeating a Q statement), or he draws the Q in the air, twice, just to make sure that you absolutely got it.”

“That is a terrible way to disavow the Q movement, terrible, ….if you are going to quote QAnon stuff at rallies, then that is not the president saying Q is garbage or Q is a LARP. No. That is the President saying “You guys keep doing what you are doing. Keep investigating, keep hammering on the boards, keep asking celebrities questions on Twitter, and yeah, I am right behind you.”

Mr. Furber concludes, “So, hey. Yeah. I think what you said at the beginning is absolutely right. The movement has a life of its own, (unintelligible) … and the mainstream media is forced to respond and make asses of themselves. Then we know that we are doing something right.” 

I say that the mainstream media are just petrified. 

Mr. Furber: “Well, of course, they are enemies of the people.” 

I tell him, “There is no question about that. As an American, I am an expatriate, I live in Bangkok, I go to America to get my medical treatment at the Veteran’s Administration. I cannot abide being in my own country. It is horrible what has happened.”

Then I explain, “for me, this is very much a matter of duty, as you know, our oaths never expire.”

Mr. Furber agrees: “No.”


“I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (5 U.S.C. § 3331, Oath of Office).

I continue: “They never expire. When I swore those oaths as a young man,” referring to my US military oaths of enlistment and commissioning, “I meant every word. As I age I get more consolidated in that oath, as time has passed, as I have gotten older. So yeah. I do not know.”

Mr. Furber says, “the good news is that the good guys are taking it back. For real. It is taking a long time.”

I observe that “we are talking about millions of people that have been red-pilled now.”

Mr. Furber: “Well, yeah, exactly.”

Me: “And they are not going to go back.”

Mr. Furber agrees: “You can’t go back. The information that they have now figured out for themselves based on listening to the questions that Q asked, now allows them to interpret world events, correctly.”

“That’s right.”

He continues: “You can look at the world, you can see the incredible violence between, say, the 13th of this month, and now, and you can say, well this is just the elites who worship Satan. Sacrificing as many people as they can. Bingo. Why was Michael and Barry skulking around in Paris just before the fire? (sic) Because they are high-level members of the cult.”


(A reference to the destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris by fire on April 15, 2019:

Q Michael Obama Paris Cruise Notre Dame michelle-obama-paris-cruise-alain-ducasse-photos-2

TMZ published photos of Michael Obama on a dinner cruise as Notre Dame burned. “Michelle Obama Learns of Notre Dame Cathedral Fire on Paris Dinner Cruise,” (Photo credit: BACKGRID), TMZ.

The smoke of Notre Dame burning could be seen across Paris, and from Michael Obama’s cruise boat on the Seine. 

Q the view of the Notre Dame Fire From Michael's Cruise Boat on the Seine April 17 2019 michelle-obama-paris-cruise-alain-ducasse-photos-1

“Michelle Obama on Paris Dinner Cruise During Notre Dame Cathedral Fire,” TMZ, April 16, 2019. 

The agony of Notre Dame. 

Q The Agony of Notre Dame April 16 2019

Emily Crane, “PICTURED: Moment Michelle Obama’s idyllic Parisian river cruise turns sour,” Daily Mail, April 16, 2019. 

Daniel Jativa, “Michelle Obama in Paris near Notre Dame as cathedral went up in flames,” Washington Examiner, April 17, 2019).

Mr. Furber: “They have  to do their rituals before they do this sort of thing. All these things fall into place when you have the understanding of the world that Q has given us. You can’t just go back to sleep again.” 

I explain that I am not a journalist. “I consider myself a political scientist and an historian. So I am coming at this from a very different attack angle. I look at QAnon as ideology. And conspiracy theory obviously is critical, it is core to it. Conspiracy theory, I believe, is the predominate method that we now must use to understand our reality.”

“Exactly,” he says. 

I say that, “We can look at the long list of conspiracies. Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve …”

Mr. Furber interjects, “it was the 22d, wasn’t it, when it was signed into law? It was the 22d of December, 1913, which is a Luciferian elite (unintelligible) and it was signed by Nelson Rockefeller’s grandfather, wasn’t it.”

I say: “What I love about this, is that someone like you and I, we have never met, we don’t know one another. We can talk like this based on a common chronology and the approach. (Unintelligible). Shit does not just happen. There are actions of cabals, acting at fulcrum points, throughout history.”

I continue: “And you see it repeated, this is one of the beautiful things I think that QAnon has done, because I think he resolved that false dichotomy that shit just happens … or cabals, is conspiracy theory valid? We’ve resolved that. We’ve just taken that off the table. We know now. We see it. Many people will think that it is ludicrous to say that Luciferian cabals are acting. But you know, when you look at the expanse of history….”

Mr. Furber: “Yep. And as you say, they use the same methods over and over again.”


Mr. Furber recounts Q saying: “Symbols will be their downfall.” 

Q Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall p. 118

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 118).

Q CBTS 478, 481 Owl Symbolism, p. 119

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 119).

Q Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall The Storm XVI p. 120

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 120).

I ask, “What can you tell me about PamphletAnon, about James Coleman Rogers?” 


(Rogers initially assisted Paul Furber as a moderator on 8chan and the now-banned CBTS_Stream subreddit until he led a rebellion of Q moderators and expelled Mr. Furber from their Discord chatroom. Rogers became a Board Owner on 8chan, and founded the popular Q-centric 24/7 Patriot’s Soapbox on YouTube. Mr. Rogers is often accused of masquerading as the elusive Q, and the evidence is compelling. I will address this separately).

Q Coleman Rogers PamphletAnon Full Face Depicted YT Vid by BaruchtheScribe on InfoWars

James Coleman Rogers’ relationship with Paul Furber ended badly. Some weeks after the Q drops began, Mr. Rogers seized control of the Discord chatroom where moderators collaborated, expelling Mr. Furber. Most internal bickering amongst Q moderators is veiled from the public and Anons outside the in-group, as they moderate the Q drops in invitation-only Discord chatrooms. The secrecy of the moderating group facilitates their profiteering, enabling the “Q grift” to continue with minimal disruption. Creating a new server and omitting to invite moderators who are purged is their method of succession. Multiple iterations of QAnon are documented: this process and these iterations will be detailed separately. In recent weeks, Mr. Rogers was accused of fraud and felonious impersonation of a federal official, serious charges, as Mr. Rogers is an alleged convicted felon with a long rap sheet. As critics claimed that Mr. Rogers was masquerading as the elusive Q himself, Mr. Rogers resigned as a Board Owner on 8chan on April 6, 2019, a maneuver which was more cosmetic than actual. At the time of publication he continues monetizing the Q movement at Patriot’s Soapbox on YouTube, and apparently remains in control of the moderation and posting of Q drops on 8chan.

Q Coleman Rogers Quits as BO on 8chan 4-6-19!

Mr. Furber replies: “Not a whole lot there bro. So … I met him December 15, we had massive attacks against 8chan boards. (Unintelligible). There were a few guys helping me. I changed the board to forced anonymous. To stop all this fighting between people who wanted to put names…(unintelligible). I thought that Q would still be able to post. I was actually talking to some guys on TOR. On encrypted chat. They said, “yeah, make it forced anonymous, it will be fine.” Uh, no, it doesn’t work.” 

Mr. Furber explains: “Q got locked out of the board, and could not post under his own tripcode. Then I saw another post where some people were getting close to his tripcode. And now, that was weird. Because tripcodes do not work like that.”

Mr. Furber clarifies: That encryption does not work like that. If you put in the alphabet, let us say from A to Z, and you encrypt it, you get a hash, you get a scrambled output. If you change one character of the input, so if you say A BB DEF … if you say scramble that, you get a completely different output, because, you know, it is a cyclical thing.”

He continues: “So that is not how you crack hashes. But, it scared me. So I kept the board locked until Q changed his tripcode. And he changed it on /pol/, and then he came back and posted with us.”

Q Baruch Makes His Bid for Control p. 221 Jan 6 18

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 221).

“Now, while I kept the board locked, I had to ignore the moderators screaming at me by email and direct chat and whatever. I had to basically throw my board under the bus, while everyone was wondering what in the fuck I was doing, without telling anyone.”

He remembers: “Terrifying … sort of 24 hours. And then, when I reopened it and Q changed his tripcode, I then reached out to these guys and I said I’m sorry, this was a judgement call, I made it, apologies.” 

“That was when I started talking to Pamphlet (Rogers) on Discord, which is that chat app. And then we started working together, along with a couple of other guys, and we started working together and we reached out to a number of people. We decided, enough of just the ’chans, this needed to go wider. So we reached out to people like TracyBeanz.”


Q CodeMonkey Pam CBTS to TheStorm 6 Jan 18 p. 215 Anons Pissed

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 222).

“Uh, Tracy Diaz, who was great, I got a reply back from her in like ten minutes, we went on her show that evening and just chatted. These videos are all available on YouTube, by the way. If you search for “Baruch Interview” you will probably see them.”

BaruchTheScribe ProtonMail to tracybeanz 12-19-2017 She Responded Within 10 Minutes Interview Followed 12-18-17

Paul Furber (aka BaruchTheScribe) ProtonMail to Tracy Diaz (aka TracyBeanz), December 19, 2017.

“We spoke to InfoWars, we went on Rob Dew’s show about a week after that. We spoke to Alex Jones in the studio. We went with independent YouTubers, I emailed Nathan at Lift the Veil, I emailed Jordan Sather, many people who had been covering Q from the sidelines, the YouTubers, we got in touch with as much as we can (sic).”

(Nathan Stolpman: Lift the Veil, YouTube; Jordan Sather: Destroying the Illusion, YouTube; the reference is to a pivotal interview of the Q moderators on the YouTube channel of Tracy Diaz, aka Tracy Beanz, “Behind the Scenes at “CBTS” #QAnon– MUST WATCH,” YouTube, December 19, 2017).


Mr. Furber: “I am sorry. Carry on?”

I ask: “You were obviously the leader at this point. Was that primarily because you were the board owner?”

He replies: “It was very much a work-together thing, I was kind of working in the background, on the Reddit side I wrote a Wiki entry for the subreddit, (unintelligible) was true, how to do your own research, I did a lot of writing answering people’s questions on subreddits, that kind of thing.” 

“It was hard work, and I was putting in 16 hour days in the wrong time zone. So I was seven hours ahead. And I was on vacation. So I was doing this full-time, I had been doing it full time for like three months. It was unsustainable.”

Q Screenshot CBTS_Stream WayBack Machine

Screenshot of the archived CBTS_Stream subreddit courtesy of the WayBack Machine.

(The reference is to the CBTS_Stream subreddit, founded by Tracy Diaz, Paul Furber and James Coleman Rogers on December 21, 2017. The subreddit was later banned on March 15, 2018: Andrew Wyrich, “Reddit bans popular deep state conspiracy forum for “inciting violence,” The Daily Dot, March 15, 2018.

The other Q-oriented subreddit, r/greatawakening, was likewise banned a few months later on September 12, 2018: Bijan Stephen, “Reddit’s QAnon Ban Points to How It’s Tracking Toxic Communities,” The Verge, September 12, 2018).

But back to Mr. Furber’s tale. With December, 2017 in our rearview mirrors, he is explaining the internecine war that erupted between Anons on 8chan. 

“After the January changeover, I said to the guys look, this is not the same Q and I can tell you why. The IP address hash is wrong, the style is different, yeah, I am not interested anymore. You need to do something about it.”

The shit hit the fan on 8chan. 

Q Jan 2018 Tripcode Controversy Board Compromised Dispute p. 220

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 220).

Remember that literally anybody could be posting as Q. The board owner and his moderators, namely Paul Furber and Coleman Rogers—those with access to the board management dashboard—said that they identified QAnon by repetitive access to the board from a limited number of IP addresses and other indicators known only to them. 

In other words, either Mr. Furber or Mr. Rogers could be posting as QAnon, or any of the other 8chan moderators who knew the seven-character password that generated the Q tripcode, using a VPN or other means to post from the same range of IP addresses. IP addresses can be spoofed. Anyone intimate with the culture of the ‘chans, any Anon, anyone who knew the password, could be masquerading as the elusive Q.

The Q movement continues, despite all these intramural struggles behind the scenes, because of the internal coherence and consistency of the Q drops themselves. Regardless of multiple scandals, a significant slice of the American public remains so desperate for an alternative to the fake news media that we suspend disbelief and embrace a gnomic anonymous oracle.

When Mr. Furber stated, “Not Q. Q’s second trip has been cracked as I thought it might be,” the balance that nurtured this strange phenomenon on 8chan tipped, and external observers got a glimpse of the egos behind it all. 

Some of these egos were surprisingly petty. This was not a military intelligence professional weaving outrageous tales on an anonymous image board. Nor would this be the last time that QAnon stooped to pettiness. In fact, this established a precedent for pettiness. I will address successive examples separately.

As many suspected, these antics confirmed that Q was a LARP, a Live Action Role Play, run by Anons. Put another way, Q was a charade, like Dungeons and Dragons, but with societal implications. 

Q could be anybody. Q could be the prototypical 8chan Anon, orange-handed from Cheetos dust, eating microwaved burritos in his mother’s basement. Q could be Paul Furber. Q could be Coleman Rogers. Q could be any of a host of Anons with the cunning and the historical expertise to craft the perplexing “drops” that began in late October, 2017. 

From a technical standpoint, all that would be necessary to post as Q is the password that generated the idiosyncratic Q tripcode–and this password was actually circulating in the wild at this time–and the ability to access 8chan from specific IP addresses: assuming that we can take Mr. Furber at his word.

Thirty four minutes later, as the 8chan hive mind raged, Q posted one final drop in the series. 

Q Board is Compromised January 6, 2018

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 221).

Q said that the board, and the board owner himself, Mr. Paul Furber, were compromised. 

Mr. Furber continues:

“Pamphlet stopped answering me. And eventually I got kicked out of that Discord, which is where Patriot’s Soapbox comes from. So I’ve had zero involvement with Patriot’s Soapbox, because they disagreed with me. I believe they really believe that was Q.”

Q Baruch as camperman Discord Chat MSG to tracybeanz 12-27-17 Heads Up on Baker Eruption

Discord chat log screenshot of Paul Furber aka camperman to Tracy Diaz aka tracybeanz warning that Q moderators Breadbox and PenultimateShitlord removed Furber from the CBTS bakery ‘chan. 

This screenshot is significant because Mr. Furber claims that Q sent him a direct message. More specifically, Mr. Furber implies that the message came from Q—but he does not explicitly say so: 

“Thank you. Understand. Attempts to divide and conquer in here. Will continue. Be ready and guide, simplify, direct resources. Must lv for now. kkSec$rns/. Careful who you speak to in the future. Several might not be who they seem. Be smart and disciplined. Guide your Anons.”

The problem with this is that Q subsequently stated that he communicated privately with no one. And then there is the tone of this group of Q drops. The logical conclusion is that Q is one of the 8chan moderators, someone with an intimate understanding of ‘chan culture, how the boards worked. 

Many suspected that  Mr. Furber was QAnon. Others concluded that Mr. Rogers was QAnon. A hypothetical case can be made implicating either of them–or one of the other moderators, working from within the small coterie with access to the Discord server. 

Q Again Confirms No Private Coms p. 217

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 224).

Q reinforces this in another drop on January 8, 2018. 

Q 8Jan18 No Private Coms Reinforced p. 1015

Mr. Furber understands where I am going with this line of questioning, so he gets out in front of it: 

“I’ve never said and I never will say, unless I see proof to the contrary, that they knowingly are perpetrating a fraud, because I do not believe that is true.” 

Then Mr. Furber unlimbers an appeal to authority in the unlikely person of Dr. Jerome Corsi.

“Another thing, Dr. Corsi was with us, quite often, he joined the subreddit, as soon as it was formed, in December, December 21, 22, somewhere around there. So he was decoding Q’s military orders, and he was really cool. We had long chats with him on voice. I got a lot out of it. He was one of the people who believed that this was still Q. After January the 4th or 5th.”


Q Jerome Corsi Screengrab from BaruchtheScribe Vid on YT

(Dr. Jerome Corsi, longtime conspiracy theorist, at that time (December 2017)  Washington DC Bureau Chief for InfoWars).

Dr. Corsi’s materialization on the scene raised for me another possibility—that Corsi was Q, or was collaborating with whomever was posting as Q. Corsi’s “decodes” of Q drops, which I analyze elsewhere, feed this suspicion. 

Worse, I became aware–in the course of another interview with another protagonist–that Corsi claimed to secretly correspond with Q, he claimed to secretly exchange emails with Q, and Corsi sold access to these email threads to his feed subscribers on 

Corsi’s appearance also coincided with rumors that an InfoWars source mentioned by Alex Jones called “Zach” might be the elusive Q, a possibility that Anons quickly shot down. 

Q breadcrumb_messenger 8ch Post Baruch FameFag Q Drop

Mr. Furber continued: “So again, I had to take a backseat, because I was so tired. (Unintelligible). It was unsustainable to continue at that pace.”

Which is one way to put this. Another way would be to ask whether Q himself fired Paul Furber. Rephrasing this, remembering that Q could be anyone, it appears that Mr. Furber lost a struggle to control the Q tripcode and hence the Q drops themselves. Which points a finger of suspicion directly at Coleman Rogers, the lone other Anon present at the heart of QAnon since the inception.

Mr. Rogers is the same Anon who seized control of the moderator Discord server and purged Paul Furber. The same Anon that committed a number of perplexing errors that made the Q’verse wonder if he was running a con. The same Anon with an alleged rap sheet including fraud.

Q Confirms No Private Coms Moves to GreatAwakening 9Jan18p.234

(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 241).

I persist: “You and Rogers, there is no state of conflict between you, anything like that?”

Mr. Furber shakes his head. “Not really. No. He does not talk to me anymore. Not particularly.”

I say: “I got to tell you that I think it’s really amazing that he would just seize this the way that he did and then exile you. I find that perplexing.”

Mr. Furber explains, “I, again, it does not particularly bother me, I was never really, I had never been interested in making money from the Q phenomenon. But on the other hand, if people in the media, and I am a former journalist, I still am a journalist….


Q 8chan Admin CodeMonkeyZ Takes a Side Against Baruch Jan 18

The 8chan Administrator Ron Watkins (aka CodeMonkeyZ) sides against Paul Furber. 
(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 223).

“But If people in the media want to make money, great, let them, awesome, I mean I support people on Patreon, there are people like (unintelligible) Tracy, awesome, great. But I certainly am not obsessed with making products that people can buy. I mean, I am writing a book, I am about 12 chapters through my book about all this episode. If people do not want to read it, great, I will send them a copy free (unintelligible).”

Q Furber Final Shot Corsi Appeal to Authority Jan 2018

Mr. Furber’s final shot, including a Corsi claim to authority. Establishing still another precedent, all of this faded into irrelevance: the Q drops just kept coming, Anons kept digging, everyone forgot the pettiness, and the Q phenomenon expanded into a movement. 
(QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 225). 

I call this the Teflon precedent. The Q movement seems impervious to the revelation that Q is not a military intelligence professional posting from within close proximity to President Donald J. Trump. 

As I said: my guess is that a significant demographic of Americans is so desperate for an alternative to the fake news that we will suspend disbelief and accept the irrational assertion that QAnon is a Trump administration insider. Which could be true, despite compelling evidence to the contrary, which I will publish in due order. 

An argument can also be made that the Q project is a closely held psyop run by a cell in coordination with the Presidential Twitter account. Or, Q could simply be an audacious Anon whose familiarity with ‘chan culture and experience executing previous LARPs enabled him to pull off the whopper LARP of them all–and to laugh all the way to the bank. 

Continuing with the interview:

I explain: “I do that myself. What I do with some books is I will make half of a book available on GoogleBooks. And then you have to buy the rest. One book, which was in fact a revelation from on-high to me, I cannot profit from that, that is fundamentally wrong, I just make that book available free in its entirety on Academia and on GoogleBooks. They send me reports. It is being read in Bangladesh?”

Mr. Furber laughs, and then says that that is not far from where I am now in Bangkok. Which is true in a way. 

I say that “It is reaching a global audience and it is so satisfying, it is not huge numbers, but weird people like you and I are finding this. It is really satisfying.”

Q PamphletAnon &amp; Radix Coleman Rogers Christina Urso YT SerialBrain2 Video

(James Coleman Rogers, aka PamphletAnon, depicted in the foreground with his wife, Christina Urso, aka Radix, behind him in a screen grab from the Patriot’s Soapbox YouTube channel).

Then I ask, “What can you tell me about Christina Urso, about Radix?”

Q Christina Urso Radix Mug Shot Boynton Beach Palm Beach County FL

Christina Lynn Urso, aka Radix, her mug shot from Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, FL USA.

Mr. Furber seems surprised by the change of tack, but he recovers: “I never really talked to her. I saw her online. We did not really chat. I know I remember when we were, when Coleman and I were really working hard, in late December (2017), I know my wife spoke to her and encouraged her, supportive, we knew that we were doing something unique, nothing like this had happened in history. It was very, it was very exhausting. It was really exhilarating. I had never really worked at that level before in my life. You are at such a high pitch. And intensity on what was going on….” 


He continues: “Well, you see, at that time, I know I believed, I really thought, that by February last year, pretty much everyone would be rounded up and executed. That was my belief. Because I was so close to the action. I know that things do not work like that anymore. In fact I think that it is going to take the whole of Trump’s term … to deal with … (unintelligible) at least.”

I say: “I pray that we get a 2d term.”

He declares: “You are getting a 2d term.” Then he explains: 

“May, tomorrow, starting May, big things are happening. (Rod) Rosenstein has now resigned. That is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle. Now he obviously cannot be in his position, because he is going to be called as a witness. He was being spied on during the transition. Jeff Sessions recused himself—when was that? August 2017—because he was being spied on. 

(The reference is to Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein, who submitted his resignation effective May 11 on April 29, 2019. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions submitted his resignation to the President on November 7, 2018, immediately following the midterm elections).

Mr. Furber: “This whole cover story. If you get it clear in your head that Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions are all good guys working for Trump to take down the swamp, then everything makes sense. Watch what happens … (unintelligible) the IG’s report is out soon.”

(Mr. Furber here endorses a disputed Q assertion that DAG Rosenstein, the independent prosecutor Robert Mueller and former Attorney General Jefferson Sessions were all coordinating behind the scenes to assist the President–the theory becomes ludicrous when it claims that Mr. Mueller was helping the President confront the deep state). 

I say: “I hope that you are right. I got a very skeptical …”

“I know,” he says, “based on decades of experience. This time it is different. I promise you. This time it is different.”

I say, “I really, really hope so.” Then I pause. “I am sorry to have to ask this, but I have to ask it.” 

“Ask anything,” he replies. 

“What you can tell me about the criminal history of Coleman Rogers and Christina Urso?” 

He is astonished. “No idea. Do they have one? Do they really? Oh, really? What? A criminal history?”

I confirm it: “It is quite extensive, in fact.”

He asks: “Are you joking?”

I am not joking. “No.”

He shakes his head: “That is not good. Again. Sorry. Clueless. What? Was it fraud? Drugs? What was it?”

Q PamphletAnon Convicted Felon Illegally Armed Committing Another Felony

(Screengrab from oil guy, “SCAM-PHLET ANON is now ARMED & DANGEROUS on PATRIOT’S SOAPBOX,” YouTube, July 26, 2018.)

I explain that Coleman Rogers made videos of himself shopping for firearms, exorting viewers to “buy Pamphlet a gun.” This much is confirmed by the videos linked above and below. 

What remains to be clarified is whether Rogers’ prior convictions disqualify him from possessing a firearm. As a convicted felon, Rogers abdicates his rights under the 2d Amendment. I explain: “he is forbidden. He can’t purchase a gun. He can’t own a gun. He can’t touch a gun. It is another felony.”

Mr. Furber: “Oh, dear. I didn’t know that, ok…”

I continue: “These are just dots that need to be connected. He’s got an extensive criminal background, I do not have the report here…. (I look at my screen)…I do not want to be unfair to the guy, I do not want to crucify him. What I am trying to do basically is provide a factual, sequential account, of what happened.”

Q Screenshot Coleman Rogers PamphletAnon Who Wants to Buy Pamphlet A Gun? He is a Felon!

(Screengrab from J.O.E.L BOT NO. 5, “#OpQ #WaronQAnon PAMPHLET ANON & BARUCH THE SCRIBE – THE Q BAKERS,” YouTube, August 8, 2018).

I continue: “Because we are dealing with something that is an amazing phenomenon, it is an incredible phenomenon. To see it happen at this time, when we can bring so many tools to bear, across the internet, it is amazing, it is just an amazing time.”

Mr. Furber says, “Please feel free. I was not aware of that, I must be perfectly honest.”

Then he adds, “If you want any of the documents that I have written from my website, and on twitter, from my timeline, I’ll send them to you, and feel free to use them in their entirety, be my guest.”

I tell him, “I would be very grateful. And I look forward to your book. I think my own, I am at least 3-4 months out from publication. At least.”

He says, “I am also about that point. (Unintelligible) I work for myself, I am doing writing, and I am preparing for the shit to go down in this country, like you have no idea, and I am writing a book and doing other stuff, so yeah, I have done about 13 chapters out of 20, so I am at about 35,000 words, which isn’t too bad, so I’ve gone pretty far.”

He continues: “I put in a lot of background, I start way…. I start in 2016, with FBI Anon. Now this is a guy who really worked for the FBI. I have been watching and listening to genuine whistleblowers on the internet for many years now, just for my own personal interest and research, so I start with FBI Anon, who told us the truth about Hillary before the election.”

“Then I go into Pizzagate, and various other things like that, and then Q only walks up about chapter 7. So I am giving the readers background of my personal journey into how I got into Q and why I thought it was so important.”


(FBI Anon Threads 1 & 2 are anonymously posted on PasteBin).

I tell him that that background is important. 

He says, “I do refer back to what happened before and why I had a mindset like this. So people can kind of follow along with me. Because if you just say, “on 4chan, some guy posted and claimed that he was next to the President,” you cannot just dump people direct in chapter 1 . You’ve got to like convince them as you go through the journey yourself. So, yeah.”

I tell him, “the way that you explain this, it is compelling. Because one school of thought will say that Q is a LARP. And there is an argument to be made. Another school says that Q is a psyop, and this is very persuasive to me. But the fact of the matter is, neither of those things….even if they are true, they are not disqualifying of what is happening. They do not disqualify it .” 

He agrees, “And the information, and the behavior, of the elites, confirm, what is happening.” 

I agree: “That is right.” 

He continues: “I mean, the mass media, the mainstream media, are petrified with this.”

I believe this to be true: “Completely.” 

I say: “I have to ask. It is pretty abundantly clear that they use a theme server to coordinate their articles on a daily basis. Do you have any inside information on what that theme server is, who runs it? I suspect Media Matters for America (MMfA).”

He says, “I think that is one of the organizations. I believe that it is Gannet, the news organization that supplies the MSM with all their talking points for the day. And that is obviously controlled… yeah you can see the major networks all parroting exactly the same … word for word coverage. It is pathetic.”


Q March 27 2018 Reddit Great Awakening Board michaelst2256 keyword gamble theme server

(Screengrab from Reddit Great Awakening subreddit, posted by user michaelst2256, March 27, 2018). 

I say, “What is incredible to me is that they seem to believe, they seem to be convinced that mere repetition is going to hypnotize us. And they don’t realize  that we’re awake now and we’re aware of that and we see what they are doing.”

I continue: “Obviously half of the populace in America is hypnotized, and still asleep. We are not going back to sleep. We are awake. “Q sent us.” We are not going back to sleep.”

Mr. Furber states: “We want our country back.” I find it interesting that Mr. Furber says “our country,” as he is not an American. He manifestly feels a deep affection for our Republic. I appreciate this.

I add, “When you talk about civil war. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that this is the direction that these people are pushing. They are hoping and banking on the fact that as they tighten the internal contradictions, as they tighten those up, on the margins, weak-minded people will be forced to act. They will trip, they’ll act. This is where our false flags come from. This is all quite deliberate.” 

He agrees: “Very much so.” 

I say, “And we see it. We know what they are doing. I’ve got to tell you that really makes me very angry. Cynical is not the word for it.”

He says, “I think that the bad guys behind the scenes are absolutely petrified of the American people who are armed. And ready to defend their Constitution.”

I tell him: “We will not be disarmed.” 


He agrees. “No. You won’t. Come and take them.”

Then he notes, “And in fact, a civil war between the government or whomever and the US people would not even be close.”

I tell him, “We have all the guns.”

He says, “And you would get a 50% defection rate in the armed forces.”

I agree: “At least. That is conservative.”

He adds, “You would get the sympathetic sub captain. Offshore. Then game over. Because DC turns into smoking, melted glass, goodbye, game over.”

He continues: “The American middle class is the one thing that has prevented the elites from really taking over the world,” he says. 

He explains: “They were very close, they were a hair’s breadth away from nuking the world, with US uranium, stolen from America, shipped via Canada to the EU, Iran and North Korea. Elon Musk is going to be hanged in public over that.” 

I am surprised. “Really?” 

He means it. “So is Obama. O, yeah, he was in on it.”

I say that I did not realize that Elon Musk was implicated in Uranium One.

Mr. Furber explains: “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Elon Musk provided the guidance to North Korea for their ICBMs, which was stolen from NASA. I believe that the nuke techs were stolen by John Brennan and given to Hillary, who then emailed it to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea.” 


I say, “Or she just put in on her server so it could be harvested.”

Mr. Furber continues: “The SAP stuff that she had on her server…. is so bad…there is a video that you can see, the Inspector General being questioned by … not Nunes…the head of the Judiciary Committee…” (he means Senate Judiciary ranking member Lindsey Graham), “was there an email, you know, from Hillary, blah blah blah….he says I actually do not know how much I can say about this, because it is not in a form that is allowable to be read by the committee…I will have to get back to you AG Rosenstein, and we are going to try and rework it into a form that can be read in secret by you.” 

(As I later reviewed this transcript I realized that Mr. Furber referred to the Inspector General of the DOJ, Michael E. Horowitz, then to DAG Rod Rosenstein. They are obviously different officials. The error slipped past me during the interview).

Mr. Furber continues: “SAP programs are just above top secret stuff. It includes nuke blueprints, the identities of covert agents around the world…why do you think all the agents in China were rounded up and executed three or four years ago? Because Hillary left their identities on her fucking home server. I cannot believe that. She is a reckless idiot. Thank goodness. Because otherwise she would have won.” (Special Access Programs: SAP).


(An article with no byline on BBC: “Ex-CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee admits spying for China,” May 2, 2019).

I confide that I am still perplexed by the fact that “ClownStrike (CrowdStrike) has never released those servers for forensic analysis by any government agency. And it is tolerated, it is permitted. I am mystified why the FBI does not serve subpoenas and issue orders saying that we are confiscating these servers.” 


Mr. Furber explains, “They will, in due time. I know that we all say “why, why, why?” and then I kind of draw a diagram, and I think this has got to be fixed before that is fixed, before that is fixed…there are multiple chess boards and multiple pieces….so….the original first strike was Saudi Arabia. That had to be stopped.”

He continues: “The country was basically, yeah….The US together with satellite technology and the Russian GRU and Special Forces together with the Saudis rounded up these guys. Then the Rothschilds have been taken out behind the scenes.”

He clarifies: “You know that they are broke, ok? The Rothschild family is broke. They are liquidating! They are liquidating their assets. They have their own little yard sale. Because they don’t have any money. Now that is being done behind the scenes by the President and the US military. They have taken out, he has taken out two of the three families around the world.”

(A web search reveals that the Rothschild family is liquidating assets since at least 2016).

“And the one remaining, George Soros, has been left alone, to precipitate the final takedown, however that is going to work. But at the same time, the whole of the DC culture, the elite culture, the media, the swamp, have been completely outfoxed by Mueller’s investigation. A beautiful operation.” 


Mr. Furber continues: “The President ranted and raved. No, it is gorgeous. While everyone is looking at Mueller, basically, the silent professionals under Huber and Horowitz have been rounding up the swamp and we will see the basis and subpoenas which the grand jury will return, we will see that Rosenstein and Sessions set it up so that Barr could come in and prosecute.”

“I mean, these guys all worked together in the late 80’s early 90’s to take down the mob in New York. They’ve all worked together before. Trump, Barr, Rosenstein, Sessions, Giuliani, hello, they are all friends for like 30 years. They know how to take down criminals. May. Starting tomorrow. Things start kicking off. And we’ll start seeing some scary action.” 


(US Attorney (Utah) John W. Huber, was appointed by AG Sessions to investigate FBI surveillance of Carter Page, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, effective November, 2017. DOJ Inspector General (IG) Michael E. Horowitz released his report in June, 2018: Prokop, Andrew, “The long-awaited inspector general report on the FBI, Comey, Clinton, and 2016, explained,” Vox Media, June 14, 2018. 

Another IG Report is expected to be released by Inspector General Horowitz shortly, within the next 2-4 weeks of publication of this transcript).

I tell Mr. Furber: “I hope that you are right. I am very tired of waiting for indictments to drop. What are your thoughts…on these sealed indictments?”

He replies, “I think that they are real, I think they are real, very real.”


(Mike Rothschild, “Why QAnon believers think “the Storm” has tripled in size,” The Daily Dot, November 26, 2018. Mr. Rothschild covers QAnon for The Daily Dot and tracks the superconspiracy, which he routinely mocks, one element of which includes a massive number of sealed indictments. 

The “welcome” page for the /qresearch/ board on 8chan states that the number of sealed indictments now exceeds 60,000. A Google Docs Criminal Cases Master List is maintained by 8chan Anons).

I mention, “David Seaman….he did put out a video awhile back where he said he had actually held in his own hands a copy of one of the sealed indictments, indicting one of the majors, he said. And he’s like, drinking champagne, you know…if this guy is proven to be engaged in a fabrication, he’s done forever.” (David Seaman, “Indictments NOW Unsealed Takedown imminent,” Disclosure News, April 7, 2018).


Mr. Furber comments, “David did outstanding work in Pizzagate. I’ll give him that. I think that he is wrong about Q, I think that he is wrong about what he is doing now, in fact I had a spat with him on Twitter and he immediately blocked me, but his Pizzagate work was bloody good, I got it all archived.” 

“And he was personally threatened, and I think a friend of his was poisoned. Horrible. These people don’t mess around. That is why I am glad that I live in the ass-end of Africa because nobody cares about me. If I was in the States I would have been taken out by now. I am sure of it.”


Mr. Furber continues: “As it is I have been told that my Twitter account cannot be banned. (Laughs). But they make sure that people cannot see what I write. My follower count keeps going down, but it cannot be banned, I’ve been told that I am on a list that cannot be banned from Twitter. James Woods can get banned. But I can write what I like. I’ve been protected, somehow, the other great thing about this…”

He explains: “You and I have been obviously doing this for years, this kind of work and research. You know that 20 years ago you had a great theory about a particular incident. And you might’ve been right, but we’ll never know. That is so frustrating. And we all get it.”

“This time, we are going to know. I reckon that if I’ve got 50% of what Q told us right….I will be happy. Because the more I look at those original posts, the more connected and subtle, and like beautifully hidden, just how much information there is, the more I look at it, the more amazed I am.” 

(And this is why Mr. Furber was on my list of potential Q’s, as he manifestly draws upon deep familiarity with historical conspiracy theories, as does Dr. Corsi, another candidate. I find it difficult to imagine James Coleman Rogers crafting the Q drops, but he also remains a potential Q. Another possibility is that the Q whisperer known as SerialBrain2 drafts the Q drops in concert with Mr. Rogers, and Anons named David Hayes and Adel Nero, among others).

He continues: “I have spent the last year on Twitter just going through all the stuff and trying to decode it and sharing ideas and whatever. And again I will send you the links so you can have a look at it.”

(Mr. Furber sent me these links, convenient Thread Unrolls to his Twitterfeed:

Here is Mr. Furber on : ).

I say, “What you see there is a superconspiracy, a conspiracy to gather them all, to absorb them all … from a standpoint as ideology, it is staggering, whomever crafted that ideology, ok, a superconspiracy, I am staggered by it.” 

I continue: “I mean, it has flaws. There are subordinate conspiracies which are less persuasive than others. But this is going to require some analysis, and it is, I believe that it is going to require some rectification, ok? One of my hypothetical theses is that QAnon needs to be taken over by hardcore professionals. Assuming that it is not already being run by professionals.”

Mr. Furber tells me, “I had a documentary maker come out to visit me from LA, his name is Cullen, Cullen Hoback, very good guy, he spent a few days with me here in January, and he’s obviously done his homework on Q.” (Cullen HobackTwitter, Wiki, IMDB).

“We filmed for a few days, it was great fun, he interviewed me at length here in my house. He thinks that Q has been a couple of different teams since January….he says the style….I have not done that work, so I can’t say yes or no…the style changed in July, and it changed again. So you could be right.”

“And again, because everyone’s anonymous, it’s all behind the scenes, we have to work indirectly, with the clues that you are given.”

(As I said previously, it is clear that multiple iterations of QAnon, different crews drafting the Q drops, can be discerned over the evolution of the phenomenon into a movement. I will address this separately).


I say: “One of the most perplexing things about this is that we are now crediting an anonymous masked man, we’re believing somebody who is pseudonymous or anonymous, but the problem is that the internal coherence of the Q drops, their internal consistency, this I think is what is so persuasive about it. When people like you and I who have been researching conspiracy theory for decades….”

Mr. Furber interjects, “Decades, yeah. Exactly.”

I continue: “We are bringing decades of context to this.”

Mr. Furber agrees, saying: “And people say….I keep telling people…there are no shortcuts guys, I’m sorry, but you need to have read all of Fritz Springmeier’s work, you need to know this guy and that guy, you need to study the sages… you preferably need to be a Christian or certainly a believer of Deus, or forget understanding any of the human parts….”

“…you need to do this, that, and you need to … not exactly the same as anyone else, as we are all different, however, but that years of experience, and researching and thinking and writing, that will help you … you can start now, but we all have it to a greater or lesser extent, this is not a particularly nice subject to work in, but it’s important…”

I say, “It is vital. It is is the struggle of our time.”

Mr. Furber says, “Well, of all ages, really, isn’t it?”


I agree, saying “It’s been going on for hundreds of years now. I can tell that you are not aware of it, but I did an analysis of Pizzagate, which I call Pedogate, in 48 installments, it is on my website…to sort of just go bottom line up front…”

He says, “No…hang on, hang on, I read that, you were on Shari Beal’s show talking about it, weren’t you… no, no , no….come on….Not you?”

“Not me.”

I explain, “Most of my writing has been pseudonymous or anonymous.”

“Ok,” he understands. 

“Only in 2017 did I actually break cover and begin publishing under my own byline. safety was the primary reason for that.”

(Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, “On Pseudonymity,” Magic Kingdom Dispatch, February 10, 2019).

“One of the subjects that I address is the drug wars. I was an employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1990 in the Upper Huallaga Valley of Peru, I was an advisor to the Peruvian drug police…so I have a work that will probably come out, I forecast it for 2020, 2021, should I live that long….”


“Knock on wood. So I bite off these big subjects and I did the Pizzagate, the PedoGate…what I call pandemic pedophilia.”

“Oh, yes. Certainly,” he agrees.  

“I did it in 48 installments. It is on my website. I should make it into a book, but honestly I do not have the heart for it, it is such disgusting, soul sucking information….”

Mr. Furber asks: “What is the address of that, please? So I can read it for myself and also archive it?”


I reply: “Go to You will need to go back, I think I published that in 2017…it was September, October, 2017.”

(Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, “On the Pedophile Pandemic 48 Fin,” Magic Kingdom Dispatch, October 14, 2017). 

“Cool. Thank you.”

I add, “The 48th installment actually includes a series of links to all the previous installments so you can sort of get a meta-view of the organization of the analysis. I relied on David Seaman quite a bit on that…but I think that it was imperative to understand PedoGate…which the elites, they dismissed it, they say that it is a deluded, discredited conspiracy theory: they could not be more wrong.”

“Well,” he says, “no, they are doing it. Of course they are going to discredit it.”

I agree, “They have this little phrase that they trot out, they say it is discredited, deluded, and there is no proof and by the way it results in violence… this guy who went and fired a single round … the magic bullet, that hit the hard drive in the closet.”

Mr. Furber remembers, “It hit the hard drive, and the cameras were turned away on the day. So we could not see exactly what he did, there is a massive discrepancy between the eyewitness accounts over what he was carrying, was it a rifle, was it an AR15, was it a shotgun…..which was it, hello.”

He continues: “And the guy himself, Edgar Madison Welch…”

I interject, “he was an actor.”

Mr. Furber continues: “His film credits on IMDB…. I do not know if you picked this up….he acted in a short called There is Something About Pizza. I actually got a screenshot of that website, and it was edited about two minutes later to take it out. I will send you the screenshot. It is just hilarious, how pathetic they are, and all the news reports that appeared before the incident itself actually happened. These morons never get their timing right. Never.”

(Welch’s IMDB entry was edited to remove the reference to Something About Pizza. The approved narrative: Tom Cleary, “Edgar Maddison Welch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” heavy, December 5, 2016).

Mr. Furber continues, “The first time that I was aware of this was when I watched the interview with the sheriff who was talking about Vince Foster’s murder. He was still alive at that time. Idiot. They never get it right. They did not get it right for Sandy Hook, they didn’t get it right for 9-11.”


(BBC reported the collapse of the World Trade Center Building 7 some 20 minutes before it actually fell: “BBC Sept. 11, 2001 4:54 pm – 5:36 pm (September 11, 2001)” September 11, 2001. Retrieved May 16, 2019).

I say, “What is really disturbing to me is I see them going back and they are meddling, they are fiddling around with the WayBack Machine. You do a search and click and it will not resolve, the URLs will not resolve.”

Mr. Furber says, “There is actually a good argument to be said that the WayBack Machine at was compromised in October 2016.”

“And it was pointed secretly to another server, and we are not seeing the original archive at all. That Denial of Service (DDOS) attack on the 26th of October was a huge denial, half the internet went down in the US. It was very bad here.”

I say, “The implications are horrendous. It is thought control. If you control the past, you dictate the future.”

Mr. Furber, musing: “Whomever controls the present controls the past, and whomever controls…yeah. From 1984.”

I intrude. “I want to kind of come back … what can you tell me about SerialBrain2?”

(The archived posts of Q whisperer SerialBrain2 are on the web. SerialBrain2 is a prominent Q whisperer, with a penchant for gematria and technical methods of analyzing Q drops. His analyses are sophisticated, and he must be considered a possible QAnon candidate). 

Mr. Furber shrugs, “I do not know. Sorry. No idea. I do not follow him. I haven’t heard anything by him. I just see people arguing about him on Twitter, pro and con. Sorry. I am the wrong person here.”

I say, “You might want to look at some of his analyses, they are very heavy on gematria … personally, I cannot buy it, but it makes great bathtub reading.”

He laughs. “Ok.”

I continue, “It is very entertaining. There are obviously elements that are utterly correct, but his approach is very bizarre. Let me look at my list here. What can you tell me about David Hayes, about Praying Medic?”


(Mr. Hayes is another notorious Q whisperer, recently accused of collaborating with Coleman Rogers in the “QAnon grift,” the allegation that QAnon is a con perpetrated to defraud millions of loyalists, principally through donations and subscriptions. 

My own hypothesis is that a small cabal of Anons post the Q drops, then monetize the movement through a variety of means. There are too many anomalous indicators. The question is, who, precisely, is masquerading as an imaginary military intelligence official in close proximity to President Trump?

The number of co-conspirators is unverified, but it is commonsensical that it varies in number and the participants themselves change over time. Several observers of the Q phenomenon noticed changes at inflection points, and correspondences with external events. There is evidence that different co-conspirators took over the mantle of Q at varying times. I address this in a separate work. 

Most co-conspirators appear to be Trump MAGA true believers. The problem with this theory is that it lacks a definitive candidate to craft the Q drops. The Q superconspiracy and the drops themselves are subtle—and few candidates are credible masterminds. Even accepting that the Q drops are a joint endeavor, the result of a process of compilation, the drops evince a consistency suggesting that one identifiable mind is their primary author. 

As I say, I suspected that Mr. Furber might be QAnon. My conversation with him now disinclines me to that theory, but until a better candidate emerges, he must remain on our list of potentials. Mr. Furber’s mastery of historical conspiracy theory makes him a strong contender. In fact, it makes him the most likely contender. 

The Q whisperer SerialBrain2 could also be posting as the elusive Q. The identity of SerialBrain2 is not known to me, and like Dr. Corsi did, he publishes complex, arcane Q interpretations. I strongly suspect that Jerome Corsi authored some Q drops, at least for a period. It is possible that he still is authoring them. Jerome Corsi must also remain on our list of potential Q’s.

Like Corsi, and like Mr. Furber, SerialBrain2 may also bring sufficient expertise in historical conspiracy theory to be the author of the Q drops. 

Prior to this interview, Mr. Furber was my preferred candidate. After talking with him, I am disinclined to think that Mr. Furber is the elusive Q. But he cannot yet be definitively eliminated from contention.

Returning to the “Praying Medic,” Mr. David Hayes, it is important to recall that he edited his website at the peak of recent controversy. Mr. Hayes originally stated that donations to his tax-free religious ministry were tax deductible. Then with no explanation, that phrasing was mysteriously removed from his website. 

Then Mr. Hayes ceased accepting donations via Patreon. All of these indicators suggest that Mr. Hayes consulted a lawyer who advised him to minimize his potential exposure. There was undeniable synchronicity between certain Q drops and statements made by Mr. Hayes. 

Most famously, Mr. Hayes threatened critics of QAnon: “… Be careful. This is not a threat, but you can end up with 800 anons from 8chan digging through your garbage.” (UniRock Review, “Praying Medic Non Profit exposed as a false prophet profiting – Consp THeory becomes Slacktivism -” YouTube, April 4, 2019).

(Roosevelt Media News, “Patriots’ Soapbox Doxxes Sebastion Gorka, Smears MAGA Coalition (Praying Medic, QAnon),” YouTube, March 25, 2019; Isaac Green (aka antischool), “8chan complies with 12 US Govt. agenciesMicrochip predicts Trump tweet,” YouTube, April 6, 2019).


About Mr. Hayes, Mr. Furber replies, “Again, I do not know him personally, I do follow him on Twitter, again, strange analysis, he interprets his own dreams most of the time, as far as I can tell.”

He continues: “It is weird. But he has been right about a lot of things. I will put it that way. I know he did a Periscope, early on, I am talking about November 2d or 3d, 2017, when he said “I’ve come across this guy Q, on 4chan, he may be the real deal.” So he has been there from the beginning, and been interpreting, so I will give him that. And if you look at his Twitter timeline you will see that he links to the video.”

I comment, “A lot of the synthesis and analysis is taking place behind the scenes on Discord servers. What can you tell me about all that?”


He agrees. “Yeah. This always happens. You get different groups and individuals doing their work, and they’ll have different interactions, some of them will be in public, some of them will be on the ‘chans, where it is hard to know what is going on unless you are in there.”

“And some will be behind the scenes on Discord. So it is hard to gauge who is talking about what, or who is working with who, especially if you do not know as an outsider.”

He continues, “And I am now officially an outsider. I am only on my own Discord. I do not have time to devote…I have always been kind of a big-picture person anyway. So…I believe that I am still under orders from the original Q.”

“I still consider myself under orders, and the orders are to spread the word, so I have been doing that on social media, but I still do go into the ‘chans, just to see what is going on, and I do watch YouTube videos, and I do follow links of analysis, but I am not nearly as hands-on, just from the point of time, really….” (Unintelligible). 

I say, “I do not think that it is profitable to get too deep into the weeds on this, we do not need to be aware of the schisms and the infighting…”

He agrees, “Yeah exactly.”

“It is a waste of our time.”

I redirect, “So we were talking about Tracy Beanz, about Tracy Diaz, she was critical I think in the very beginning, I think that it was the 3d of November she came out with that video, she basically introduced Q Anon to the world….”

Mr. Furber: “To her subscribers, exactly.”

I continue: “I am sure that you read her long 7,000 word apologia on SteemIt: what are your comments on that?”

(The video where Tracy Diaz introduces the world to QAnon: Tracy Beanz, “/POL/- Q Clearance Anon – Is it #happening???,” YouTube, November 3, 2017. The 7,000 word apologia that Ms. Diaz posted on SteemIt: Tracy Diaz (@tracybeanz), “She stood in the Storm …SteemIt, May 18, 2018. She enjoys a large donation base on Patreon).

Mr. Furber affirms, “I agreed 100%, I stand by every word that she wrote there. She is dead-on.”

Mr. Furber is referring here to the controversy that erupted in the Q’verse after Q posted the infamous “profiteering” Q drop. Certain Anons, Ms. Diaz among them, and Dr. Corsi, were accused of profiting from the Q phenomenon. I also address that controversy in detail separately.

Q Beanz Responds to Q Profiteering Post Tweet Response 29 Apr 18

Tracy Diaz (@tracybeanz), April 29, 2018.

I say, “Let me continue looking on my list here.” Ah. This is a big one. I ask, “Give me your thoughts on the deep state.”

“Phew,” he says. 

“I know, I know.” (I agree that it is a big subject. But it is critical to explain where we are coming from as conspiracy theorists. A solid definition of the deep state, or a redefinition, as I put it in an article on my website, is an important element for this interview and for our work.)

Mr. Furber explains, “So I read the Devil’s Chessboard, several times, I have done an awful lot of reading on the CIA, (unintelligible) I read The Secret Team by Fletcher Prouty, Fletcher Prouty’s book on The Secret Team, I’ve done an awful amount of background reading on the CIA.”

(David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, HarperCollins, 2015; L. Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1973. Link is to the 1997 edition).

“I read A Thousand Days, I read all of Robert Caro’s books on LBJ … my father was a US historian, and introduced me to the US and to its politics at a very young age, so, yeah, it is his fault…so I have done years of reading about it…. the deep state…there are a lot of definitions of it.”

(Arthur Schlesinger, A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2002; Robert Caro, The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power, New York: Knopf, 1982; The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Means of Ascent, 1990; Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, 2002; The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, 2012; Volume 5 (Untitled), forthcoming).

“I think…it is very much the unelected…it is two things. People talk about it …what do they say? They mean like rogue groups of the CIA, they have been in existence since the 1950’s….when you look at the ’53 overthrow in Iran. That was completely CIA… (referring to CIA case officer Kermit Roosevelt overthrowing the PM of Iran, Mosaddegh: Operation TPAJAX)…”

I interject: “Operation Northwoods.”

Mr. Furber continues, “Northwoods, Mockingbird, (unintelligible) all of those disgraceful operations …MKUltra….which is another thing that I have read an awful bit about….There is that half of it, then there is the unelected bureaucrats and federal workers around the world, not just in the states, though in the states it is the most prevalent.”

(Operation MKULTRA and Operation MONARCH: An alleged subordinate operation to Operation MKULTRA, the best-known reference is the problematic work by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips, Trance Formation of America, 1995).

He explains: “Who basically oppose whomever the elected representatives are of the President. So I see it as those two different aspects of it. I think the most dangerous, the geopolitical ones, are obviously the intelligence agencies, who are their own bosses, with no oversight, no transparency, they have their own rules, and they basically act as private bully boys for the elites.”

He notes: “MI6 can just spy on presidential candidates because it is illegal to in the US…and the FVEY guys. It just makes a mockery of the rule of law and nationalism and citizen’s freedoms around the world…I am not a fan.”

I comment that, “I am pretty much convinced that the ultimate struggle of our time is between nationalism and globalism.”

Mr. Furber agrees: “Correct. Yeah. 100%.”

I say, “Let us talk a little about your thoughts….on the  monetization of QAnon. Who is making money from the movement now? How do they do that?”

Mr. Furber: “I think that Patriot’s Soapbox is probably making the most money. Not me. That is for sure. Just the opposite. I lost a couple of jobs because I spent too much time researching Q. Yeah. Yeah.”

I declare: “You are going to be redeemed by history, Mr. Furber. Do not worry.”

He laughs. “Thank you. I believe so. If I can stay alive in my own country. That is one of my biggest motivations, by the way. I want to see The Storm rolling out. I will fight off any number of people just to watch it happen.”

I say, “It is interesting to me, because you know, you are a South African. So talk to me a little bit about how you feel about President Trump, I mean, about 45.”

Mr. Furber replies, “I am a huge fan. A giant fan. From way back when. But I am kind of rare in this country, I am an English-speaking conservative. Most English speakers (in South Africa) are very liberal, and you know, progressive. I have nothing in common with them ideologically.”

“The Afrikaans speakers are big fans of President Trump, and they are nationalists, and they are conservative. I have much more in common with Afrikaans-speakers than I have with other white people here.”

I ask, “Those are pretty much the ones that are migrating to Russia. Is that not correct?”

He says, “Well, lots of them are, but there is a good four million of us who cannot go anywhere, so we are just going to stand right where we are.”

I say, “It is just incredibly ironic that so many of us are fleeing to Russia, to Vladimir Putin. You know, for sanctuary. That is incredible.”

Mr. Furber observes, “Vlad, Vlad is, I have no problems with him at all. He is in favor of Russia.”

I say: “I do not either.”

Mr. Furber: “He is in favor of Russia. And Russia is a white nationalist Christian nation that hates the global elite, really hates them. So does China by the way. And that is why Trump has good relations with both China and Russia, because he knows that they are on his side. And the Saudis, too.”

I say, “Well, they are all nationalists, but we all are in opposition to ….”

Mr. Furber interjects, “Well, of course but in terms of trade, things like that, not in terms of overrunning our country with immigrants, or in trafficking our kids. Which is what the elites do.”

I ask, “What can you tell me about Microchip?” I am going down my list of personalities involved in various aspects of the Q superconspiracy, and Mr. Furber knows many of them.

(Joseph Bernstein, “Never Mind the Russians, Meet the Bot King Who Helps Trump Win Twitter, BuzzFeed News, April 5, 2017; Georgi Boorman, “From Trolling to Fleecing: Co-Creator of “Q” Hoax Explains Its Scary Evolution,” The Federalist, October 29, 2018).

Mr. Furber rolls his eyes. “Oh, God. Yeah. A liar. He did not write the Q posts. Sorry. No way. I do not know him personally. I read his claims. I thought, “rubbish.” 

I agree: “Preposterous.”

He affirms, “Absolute nonsense, yeah. Every time that you see a Discord chat being presented as evidence, it probably has been faked, because it is an .html page, and you can go in and edit those to your heart’s content. They are proof of nothing.”


I ask, “Let me … talk to me a little bit about your thoughts about Satanism at high levels of power.”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah. It is endemic. Yeah … Luciferianism, the connection is Masonic, so at high levels Masons, 32 degrees and up, I think 33 and up, worship Lucifer. That is explicitly in their texts.”

“If you go and read Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, if you read The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manley P. Hall, if you read some of their … I got my hands on a couple of, I think … that Kentucky Grand Lodge … I got in my hands some of their documents, which are their secret documents, we worship Lucifer, hello.”

(Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1871, 2011; Manley Palmer Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, 1928).

He continues: “Yeah, the world is run by the elite Masons, and at that level, they all worship Satan. So, the symbols, the handshakes, the terminology, it is a dead giveaway, if you know their little inside secrets,.”

He explains: “Yeah, so I am pretty sure that most world leaders are senior Masons, most senior leaders are senior Masons, the tech giant guys, if they are not Masons, then they are being controlled by them through the usual blackmail methods, the pedo methods, which is standard.”

“So European royalty, the British Royal family, most of the Obama administration, about 40% of Congress, I know that Larry and Sergei from Google are Satanists, so is Dick Durban, so is Michelle and Barry, they are all connected, hello, they are all members of the cult.”

I must ask it so I do: “Is Michelle a man?” Referring to former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, absolutely. No question.”

I say: “You look at her videos…”

He continues, “Her digit ratio (referring to her finger lengths, which are masculine)…Well, that is another thing about elites, about elite Masonry, is the worship of the androgynous. Again, you just have to go and read, Cabalistic Keys of the Creation of Man, in The Secret Teaching of All Ages, and you will see, that Adam was created androgynous, which is bullshit, and we all need to get back to the divine androgyne.”

(Manly Palmer Hall, “The Cabalistic Keys of the Creation of Man,” The Secret Teachings of All Ages, 1928).

“So … the number of trannies at high … there are no real women in Hollywood. There are no real women in the music industry. Taylor Swift is a fucking boy with makeup on. Angelina Jolie is a man. You know, Chuck Schumer is married to a man.” (The wife of Senator Chuck Schumer is Mrs. Iris Weinshall).

“The number of X’s and X’s who are secretly transgender because it has to be done in the spirit of deception, see—the father, Satan, the son, Lucifer, and the spirit of deception—the unholy trinity that deposes the real trinity, and again … because something spiritual happened in October, 2017.”

He explains: “I am not talking about Q, I am talking about … something happened, whether it was the Saudi thing or something else, but something was lifted from the world, and the spirit of deception much reduced.”

He continues: “People are now starting to see, that, oh! so-and-so is transgender! Why? The Prime Minister of New Zealand! Come on, he is a fucking boy with makeup on! A fucking ugly man with makeup on.”

“Who just organized a false flag in Christchurch, I mean, disgraceful, using a professional killer. I downloaded that video from 8chan and I immediately mirrored it on my own website. Just to piss off the elites, because, yeah.” (The 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand is Ms. Jacinda Ardern).


I say, “Unfortunately, this is what we are reduced to, we have to grab stuff like that, and we have to save them, because they are suppressing them.”

Mr. Furber: “I have been saving things for years now because I had some weird experiences with stuff, just went away in a memory hole, but yeah… this is an information war, so if you can host your own information and get it out there, then you are fighting the battle.”

(This is an important point, as the internet makes it possible for us to find information as never before. Likewise, the deep state is acutely aware that controlling access to information is control of minds, and meddling with Google search results, and with the WayBack Machine, is one method that they use to influence the present and hence the future).

I switch gears: “Let us talk a little bit about how brilliant the Socratic questioning of the Q drops is…”

“Ah,” Mr. Furber says. 

I ask: “Talk to me about that.”

Mr. Furber: “Uh … we had a guy … we had a guy who was obviously a high-level spook, a good guy, coming on in early November, what he was doing is getting you to ask and answer the questions for yourselves. But they can’t be detected by the normal filters that the bad guys are using…”

I say, “right…”

He continues: “He’s giving you the information and he’s getting you to ask questions. Which … there are certain things that you can only find out for yourself, there are certain things that you can only believe if you have done the work yourself, in fact I think that is true of most of the subjects that we are discussing here. Although this is true of our research.”

I say: “This is how we break our programming.”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah. Ask questions! As soon as Christchurch happened I went on Twitter and I started asking questions, who is this guy, what was his background, how did he get into the country, how did he get ahold of all these weapons when they are illegal?”


He asks: “Why is the video of him performing the massacre out of bounds? Why is he such a stone-cold killer, why does he have a thousand yard stare? Why does he act so professionally? Why does know how to clear a gun jam? Yeah, he was a professional assassin, from beginning to end, that much was clear.”

Mr. Furber continues: “And that very much came from Q, where you ask questions, because the media today does not ask questions, they just vomit propaganda into our homes. So I think Q, that was one of the great things that he did was to get us to ask questions.”

He explains: “It could not be picked up, at least at first, while he got that really good information out, and it got us into the right mindset, where you question everything, because everything we are being told is a lie. So ask questions. But yeah. Love it. It was just brilliant.”

I agree: “It is just brilliant, and as I say the ultimate origins of QAnon increasingly are becoming irrelevant, what really matters is the effectiveness of it, he’s red-pilled … whomever Q is, and has been, and I agree that it (Q) has changed at different times, he’s red-pilled millions of us, millions of people are now…”

“…All over the world,” he confirms. 

“Everywhere,” I say. Then I transition again: “Talk to me a little bit about FarmerFunkk.”

Q Farmer Funk to AntiSchool Original Name was Georgi2

FarmerFunkk (or Farmer Funk) is connected to the QResearch board on 8chan, and was a Moderator on the CBTS_Stream subreddit. (QAnon The Storm X.VI (Aggregated Q Drops), IAMBECAUSEWEARE, p. 734).

Mr. Furber: “Ah, Farmer. Farmer was a regular Anon, on my board. I didn’t see him before on 4chan, though he may have been there. He was a Mod on CBTS (Calm Before the Storm) and I worked with him a lot over Discord. I spoke to him a lot on Discord. I haven’t really spoken to him recently. But I see him occasionally on Twitter. Yeah. Good guy. From Atlanta, I think. And, yeah. He was a Mod, and I got on really well with him.” 


I ask: “You do not happen to know his real name?”

Mr. Furber: “No idea, no. Sorry, no. We were all Anonymous. I gave my real name away in May of last year. I outed myself, just so anonymity was not an issue for me anymore.”

I say: “Well I think that is a form of security for you as well.”

He agrees: “Well, true. I decided very early on that I was going to tell the truth about absolutely anything that I was asked, or that I was not going to be deceptive or engage in any playing games with others from day one, in fact. From day one on my board. So it just made things a whole lot easier.”


I observe: “One of the greatest weapons that we have is the internal consistency of our ideas.”

Mr. Furber continues: “And again, people looking back, from October to now, will not catch me in a lie, because I have not told any. No need. Also again, because I consider myself under orders to get the word out, and to tell the truth about what we have been told. People have tried (to catch him in a lie). Very hard. They haven’t. But you can look at any one of my interviews that I have done and see the same story. You will see me tell it in 80 different ways, but it is still the same.”

I say: “It is much easier to keep track of the truth.”

Mr. Furber: “Exactly. Exactly.”

I ask: “Who is Abobo?”

He replies: “Abobo is another guy, a good guy, he lives in Cleveland. Ohio. And Abobo was another Mod from 8chan, good guy, again, I spoke to him a lot on the board, he did a couple of interviews with me and Pamphlet and Tracy.”


I intrude, “Was he in the November 3 interview?” (I misspoke, I meant the December 19 2017 interview by Tracy Diaz (aka TracyBeanz). There was a third moderator who was unnamed, so I am seeking to confirm that this was the Anon known as Abobo).

“Maybe that is possible. There was me and Pam … that is Abobo’s voice. That is Abobo, yeah. Good guy. (He) was a mod, helped me a lot, when the board got out of hand, banning people, keeping control of everything that was going on.”

Q Screenshot qntmpkts Twitterfeed May 18 2019

I ask: “Who is qntmpkts?”

Mr. Furber: “Don’t know that name, sorry. No idea.”

I say: “It is kind of spelled bizarrely. I think that it is the owner of”

Mr. Furber: “Don’t know. I downloaded that website to get a local copy of it in case it went bye-bye…I don’t know the name, I do not know who runs it, sorry.”

I say: “We have to have copies.”

Mr. Furber: “I save and I archive everything, everything.”

I intrude again, “We have to, we have to, this is the reality of our times. I was going to tell you, when you are looking at my website, I did write an article, Redefining the Deep State, I think that you will find it useful, and I would appreciate your thoughts on it.”

(Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, “Redefining the Deep State,” Magic Kingdom Dispatch, June 22, 2017).

He replies, “Pleasure. Will do.”

I say, “I am wondering, you are a very good interview, you come across very well, you express yourself very clearly and persuasively, I am curious why you do not do any work on YouTube?”

Mr. Furber: “Because it will get taken down.”


I persist: “How about DLIve?”

Mr. Furber: “The things that I have to say on YouTube will just get instantly deleted. In fact, something of mine has been deleted before.”

I suspect that he has not yet heard of DLIve, so I persist: “What about DLIve? Are you aware of DLive?”

Mr. Furber: “I looked at a number of alternatives, BitChute, DLive …”

I say: “DLive just came out, it just happened, Seaman calls it, it is DLive, and it looks like a censorship-resistant platform based on blockchain …it looks, phenomenal…”

Mr. Furber: “The publishing deal that I am going to get, well, that I have had a verbal confirmation of, from Vox Day, he just launched a video platform called UnAuthorizedTV, which looks very tempting. That would be very interesting.”

I ask: “Where is it hosted?”

Mr. Furber: “Knowing Vox, somewhere that is completely secure and impervious to attack.”

I reply, “I hope so. We desperately need it. Ah. before I forget….and again, I do have to apologize…”

Mr. Furber: “Ask me anything, anytime.”

I say: “Talk to me a little bit about DeFango (controversial grey hat hacker Manuel Chavez III).”

Q Manuel Chavez III aka Defango March 18, 2018 Screenshot

Manuel Chavez III, (aka Defango), “The Q Timeline 4chan,” DefangoTV, YouTube, March 18, 2019.

Mr. Furber: “Ah. Merlin. So. I followed Manny from….because one of the guys…let me step back a bit….roundabout….just after Pizzagate…so January last year…no, January, 2017… I got hooked on George Webb’s videos on YouTube.”


Q George Webb Screenshot YouTube Nov 29 2018

“He continues: “George Webb is an ex-Mossad guy who dropped the most amazing information about trafficking and organ harvesting and deep state …  I believe, I knew that he was a limited hangout, so that I treated … kind of information that was ok, and came to most of it as misdirection.” 

“It was hard to tell which was which. And then through him via his commentary, I followed Defango’s channel, and I was interested in what Defango was doing with Cicada, because I did not know that project and I found it interesting.”

I agree. “Oh, yeah.”

He nods. “Oh, yeah, it was, it was very interesting, and Defango was pretty damned good at what he was doing with Cicada. So, I followed him for awhile. But I think that it became clear at the end of 2017 that Cicada ended.”


“And I think Defango, um….was trying to latch onto something that he wanted to be involved in, but he wasn’t. Defango had nothing to do with Q, those were two different projects, really, and he wasn’t involved. He tried to make himself involved but he wasn’t, really.”

(Manuel Chavez III and James Brower (aka DreamCatcher) claimed to be the creators of QAnon, in collaboration with the Anon known as Microchip (see above), only to see Q immediately taken over by otherwise unidentified Anons on the ‘chans. The theme that Q is “stolen” recurs, echoing the different iterations of QAnon that can be discerned. We must also remember that Coleman Rogers supplanted Paul Furber on 8chan, stealing the Q account, exiling him from the Q moderator Discord server.

Chavez claims that the first Q drops are from different identities, from different web browsers, and no tripcode was used. Tripcodes (and hence the identity of Q) did not begin until November, when the password was “Matlock.” Chavez did blow the cover of Cicada 3301 on an episode of Nathan Stolpman’s Lift the Veil, but he fails to prove that he also exposed QAnon.

(lifttheveil (@lifttheveil411) (Nathan Stolpman), “#QAnon & Cicada 3301 Exposed? w/ Defango & Cicada members,” SteemIt, May 8, 2018).

Chavez and Brower’s origin tale lacks verifiable elements, and both are notorious internet trolls. Their interview with Jason Bermas (aka Pulse Change) was derided by the Q’verse, nobody believed them, and Bermas was condemned for granting them a platform.

(Jason Bermas (Pulse Change), “Ask Me Anything with the Real Q!” YouTube, January 14, 2019; Alexandra Bruce, “Q And the Fine Art of the Shit Post,” Forbidden Knowledge TV, January 14, 2019).

Still, Chavez and the mysterious Anon known as Microchip separately credited James Brower with the first two Q drops on October 27, 2017. This origin story was given a further push by Jack Posobiec in a news segment for OANN, repeating the same claims but offering no credible forensic evidence. Like Bermas, Posobiec was derided by the Q’verse.

(Defango TV, “OG Q Exposed: MICROCHIP – Defango in Wonderland,” YouTube, September 4, 2018).

Q Crooked Hillary Deplanes Smiling Posobiec Q Anon Expose

Mr. Furber continues: “So yeah. Personally, I get on with him very well, I actually have been on his show a couple of times. (Unintelligible) I actually want to get onto his show where I interview him about Cicada, I want to talk to him, because I do not know enough about it. I would love to get his perspective on what really happened … how he (unintelligible) stuff, I mean, that is just interesting to me.”

I ask: “Can you send me the links for those interviews? I would love to see them.”

“Yeah, no, absolutely, sure.” 

“Please make a note. Cicada … I begin my book by discussing Cicada, and the known facts about Cicada are very far and few between. I did interview Arturo Tafoya, who was the predominate videographer, and he was a fascinating interview, really good stuff. I will send you the draft of that chapter.”

Arturo Tafoya Full Facial Screen Shot

Cicada 3301 video artist Arturo Tafoya (aka Lestat).

Mr. Furber: “Great, yeah, sure.”

I say, “Utterly fascinating about Cicada.”

Mr. Furber: “I haven’t done it yet, well I’ve done one where I went on his show, I did another show where I was with him, talking to UniRock. So…”


Q UniRock YouTube Q Exposes September 10, 2018

(UniRock (aka Jason Smith), “TRACY BEANZ & YVA back out of WEBSITE | THE DEBUNK & Political Theft of the Truth COMMUNITY | #RP2PB,” UniRock2, YouTube, September 10, 2018).

I must ask, so I do: “What do you think about UniRock?”

Mr. Furber: “UniRock is a strange guy, he had me on his show a few times talking about Q, and then in March last year, he said that, no, I was behind it all. He accused me of being the LARPer who was behind Q. Nonsense. That is just crazy.”

“There have been a few people like that, again, guys like Roy Potter who spoke to me a lot about Q in the early days, but then he thought that I was involved with Patriot’s Soapbox, and deceiving people at the time, and believe me, I was the first person to be banned from Patriot’s Soapbox so I don’t know what’s going on in there, I am not involved. And I do not want to be.”

Q LTC Roy Potter ScreenShot Appeal to Baruch Paul Furber Aug 10 2018

(J.O.E.L Bot No. 5, “#OpQ #WaronQAnon BARUCH THE SCRIBE – PLEA FROM A PATRIOT,” YouTube, August 10, 2018

I say: “Now that I have spoken with you, and looking at the coherence of your dialogue, it is abundantly clear to me that you are not the LARPer.”

Mr. Furber: “I never pretended to be Q, and I never made a cent out of Q. Those are the two accusations that get thrown at me. Even just the other day somebody said, “this is you,” I said, get lost. Please, Enough.”

I comment, “Well, if you do a superficial analysis, you can come to that conclusion.”

He agrees: “You can do it, yeah. But again we are faced with the same problem that anyone has, as to who is dealing with who behind the scenes on Discord, and who is doing their own work, and who is accused and which group do you belong to, and who is friendly with whom.” 

“It is impossible to penetrate that unless you have all the facts in front of you, which none of us do. I have my Discord chat where I have spoken to people, and I have an entire archive on my board of 8chan up until sort of March last year, where I just left it alone, in fact it was taken over, somebody else runs it now. I do not care.” 

He explains: “Somebody else said it was an abandoned board, which it was, so yeah, so, they got CBTS, I do not care, I have that piece of history backed up on archive from whenever it was, November 21st to March or April, no problemo.”

I say: “That has got to be a gigantic volume of stuff, very large…”

Mr. Furber: “It is 8GBs I think, images and text, so it is not too bad. It is about 8GB. It is mirrored on my website, you want to check it out anytime, you can, again all information I have is freely available. Help yourself. I will send you the exact link. It is not linked from the front page.”

Me: “Thank you very much.” 

Mr. Furber: “Sure, sure.”

I begin to wrap up. “I got to say that this has been a delightful talk with you, I am really pleased to make your acquaintance.”


Mr. Furber: “My pleasure.”

Me: “I am going to have to rework several chapters of this book now in light of this conversation that we have had, recalibrate my thinking in certain ways, now I need to go back and do some hard work, but when I get the draft to a greater point of completion, I will run it past you, that way you are aware….”

Mr. Furber: “Please, please, yes, be my guest…”

I continue: “I do not practice gotcha journalism, that is not what I am about at all, so I will run it past you for your review, so if there are any errors, we can work that out to fix that stuff, because I want to produce a work of political science and history that is an analysis of the ideology behind Q Anon.”

Mr. Furber: “Right, right. That is a really cool angle, I never thought of that angle before, but the more I talk to you, the more I realize that it needs to be done.”

I agree: “It needs to be done. It’s got to be a work of political science. You’ve got to come at this from the standpoint that history does not just happen, shit does not just happen, alright, because conspiracy theory is the reigning method of historical analysis of our time, this is how we understand our reality, conspiracy theory.”

Mr. Furber: “I agree.”

I continue: “And this is the thing, with conspiracy theory we are being tarred and feathered in the media, you know, we are being dismissed as lunatics …”

Mr. Furber: “Well, the term, yeah …well, deliberately so.”

I interject: “Well, the CIA came up with it …”

Mr. Furber is well aware of it: “They come up with the bloody thing as a response to the outrage about the Warren Commission Report, that was a funny part of Devil’s Chessboard, when Dulles goes to university, and there is a guy there, obviously like an Anon from the 60’s, you know, somebody who today would be hanging out on 4chan doing analysis and intelligence research and this young student is immaculately researched in all the bullshit that is in that Report, and he grilled him for a full hour: I was like, Yes! You made him squirm, man, and that is exactly what could never happen today.”

(Mr Furber makes a valid point: who can imagine DCI Gina Haspel ever subjected to a probing interview about illegally erasing the Torture Tapes from Site Green in Thailand, where she was Chief of Base?)

I say: “It is frightening to me the way that we see these assaults on 8chan, and on 4chan, because they are, de facto, the lone remaining bastions of free speech …”

Mr. Furber: “The last bastions of free speech, exactly …”

I continue: “And they are under assault, they are absolutely under assault right now, and it is going to get worse, and when they are gone, I think there is no place left for all the rest of us to go, to have these conversations, we’ve got to go to the deep web.”


Mr. Furber: “I know, which has its own problems. I have been on there quite often, I don’t like saying that, the ‘chans are pretty much …”

I ask: “How do you navigate it?” Which is the key question to ask any habitué of the deep web. 

Mr. Furber: “You pick up hints and such from other users, the Silk Road was very useful back in the day, very useful, again, just from an information point of view,  but, these days, I have not been on there for a couple of years now, so I don’t know what the status of it is…”

I add, “Part of the problem there as well is that the deep state will have its scrutiny on that, we are in a hazardous time, the internet has revolutionized everything, it changed absolutely everything, it is on par with the development of fire.”

I continue: “Well, I think that I’ve gone down my list, I am sure that I am missing things….talk to me a little bit more about Jerome Corsi.” 

Mr. Furber: “I’ve been a fan of many years, actually, because of his books. I read that one about the Clintons from a few years ago, and then FBI Anon actually endorsed it, he said, “Dinesh D’Souza has nothing on Hillary, the one putting pieces together was Jerome Corsi…so I thought, oh, that’s cool….”


“They will only have an effect on public opinion, which will help her get indicted. But I assure you, Dinesh D’Souza has nothing on her. The only person coming close is Jerome Corsi. He is putting the pieces together (loosely).”

“I noticed him….he was huge on Reddit, on the subreddit, he’d been posting like, check this out, this is a link to what Q’s signature meant, his string of code names, it was brilliant… he had a top secret clearance before in the early ’70’s, when he was a young journo he’d been given top secret clearances to work on these stories before, so he knows his stuff. He’s been decoding this stuff since we were born.”

I must intrude: “Do you have any evidence of that, any proof of that?” 

(There is no indication anywhere on the net that Jerome Corsi ever did any work for the intelligence community, which most people do not know, unless they searched for it as I did, and came up empty). 

Mr. Furber: “ … that he had a TS clearance before? I can find it for you. I think…”

Me: “Please do, because Corsi claims to have a long history in the intelligence community and I came up empty, I looked, I searched…”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, ok, I took him at face value, and the things that I did check out did check out, so I will help you on that and see what I can find…”

I clarify: “I am not trying to crucify anybody …”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, Corsi’s work for WMD and for InfoWars and his work, you know, with Roger Stone, people like that, I can see come from a deep background of working that kind of material, so I really had no problem with it and in fact, as I say, I was a fan, and when he started posting on the subreddit, I was like wow, he is brilliant, we need to invite him to Discord so we can start talking to him.” 

He continues: “We had very long conversations with him where he would explain, I mean he absolutely had contacts in the intelligence community, and with, you know, people from all over, he was just fascinating to listen to.”

“Again he was in the subreddit, and in the Discord, for the two or three weeks before I was banned, and then I saw him continuing on Patriot’s Soapbox being interviewed, so yeah. That was pretty much my contact with him for those couple weeks.”

I ask: “What happened?”

Mr. Furber continues: “Yeah, that is right, I did not quite follow it, it was sometime in May last year, he suddenly said that Q was a LARP, which was weird, and then he tweeted out something saying that I had integrity, and listen to this interview with the board owner,  so that was nice, I got an endorsement from him, but he obviously had some kind of a split with Patriot’s Soapbox.”

“But he then realized a couple of—months after that— the same thing that I realized, is that Q now has a life of its own, and it actually didn’t matter to a certain extent who is behind the current team …”

Me: “…exactly…”

Mr. Furber: “That this movement of people questioning the world around them had picked up so much of its own steam that it did not matter.”

I agree: “Right. Not any more.”

Mr. Furber: “The number of people digging and investigating and subjecting Trump’s enemies to the most strict scrutiny, is what really counts, and they do, hundreds of thousands of eyes are looking at every member of Obama’s administration at any one time, saying what are you doing? It never would have come out that the Obamas were in Paris last week but for all the Anons, like, posting photos of them.”

(Unless I am missing something on 8chan, only Michelle Obama was in Paris the week that Notre Dame burned. The photo most often shared by fake news media was of the Obama family lighting candles inside Notre Dame early in the first term of the Obama presidency).

I interject: “The simple fact that we are now, that we now have so many people who are now actively aware of the deep state, and we see the collusion with the mainstream media, and it is so obvious, right?”

Mr. Furber: “It is our turn to surveil them, it is our turn to put eyes on them, yeah. And they do not like it much.”

I say: “It changes everything, and it is one of the reasons why I have such optimism, because we are not going to go back to sleep. That is not going to happen.”

Mr. Furber: “No. Especially not when Q once said the world will not swallow the truth, but I think that a lot of people are nearly ready to swallow the whole truth.”

I agree: “Well, the whole truth as you say…”

He continues: …”yeah, it is disgusting and appalling, but it is the truth, and we need to know and we need to exterminate these people before we allow any of them in power again. And it needs …”

I interject: “And you notice that there is the “Me, Too” Movement, they still will not talk about pedophilia in Hollywood, they won’t talk about it …”

Mr. Furber: “That is another thing, Hollywood is going to go down, publicly and spectacularly, and they are very quiet at the moment, they are not saying a whole lot of things, because they are going to be taken down, too…”

Me: “I hope that you are right. I got to go back…”

Furber: “Yeah.” 

Me: “I got to go back just to be complete… talk to me about that interview that you did with Rob Dew on the 27th …”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, 27th of December…, oh, that was great, that was great fun, I enjoyed that, so …”

Q Announcement by Pam Anon of Drew Interview in InfoWars on 27 Dec 17

Coleman Rogers posting as “<3 PA,” for PamphletAnon, on the now-banned CBTS_Stream subreddit, December 27, 2017. Rogers, Paul Furber and Tracy Diaz were the three moderators. Notice the emphasis on verifiable fact, the awareness that hostile eyes would be watching, the sense that moderators were representing the entire Q community, inviting group participation. Could Rogers be masquerading as QAnon?

Me: “Talk to me about that interview.” 

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, Rob, we set it up with, I think I emailed Rob, or Pamphlet may have emailed Rob, and then on Discord we arranged to connect with them, and we set it up and then, then I think Rob’s producer called me, he might have called me on my mobile.”

Pamphlet was then living in Philadelphia at the time, and it was the middle of an ice storm, so he drops out, I do not know if you noticed, but for about the middle-third of the interview I am the only one that is talking, Pamphlet could not get back, anyway he did get back in the end.” 

“And Rob just went through the material that I had written for the subreddit, and just asked me questions, yeah it was a fun one, I enjoyed that, obviously we were still Anonymous, but what happened immediately after that interview a whole lot of people who were obviously regular listeners to Alex Jones, and InfoWars, then joined the subreddit.”

“So I then welcomed them, saying hey guys, pause it, we’re sorry, this is to the older patriots, we’re sorry it has taken a while to get a hold of you, but hey, this is how the world works and you know because you watch InfoWars, and let us know if we can answer your questions.” 

“So that was a very good interview, it grew our audience, because you do not want people who are 50-60 years old hanging out on the ‘chans, they are not used to it, it is such a hostile environment, and deliberately so, because it excludes the easily offended, it excludes people who cannot actually defend their arguments, and that is why it is so effective at what it does.” 

“So Rob Dew’s show was great, in sort of growing the subreddit by another 5,000 people almost overnight… that was a really good interview, and again I have downloaded it and archived it so of course when Alex was deleted from YouTube….listen to it again. Yeah. Back up everything….”

Me: “That’s right. I found a pirate copy somewhere and I grabbed it. Because they are trying to suppress it.”

(OpenMind, “QAnon’s War with the Deep State Uncovered By Rob Dew, Pamphlet Anon and Baruch the Scribe,” YouTube, December 31, 2017. The original was dated December 27, 2017. It was censored by YouTube when they de-platformed Alex Jones and InfoWars).

Mr. Furber: “Again, Stephen, if there is anything that you are missing I probably have a copy and you are welcome to it ….I’ll just DropBox it for you, whatever you need.”

Me: “Thank you so much, really, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me today, it has been very eye opening and very enjoyable …”

Mr. Furber: “Anytime man….”

Me: “Well it is upsetting me because now I have to go back and I got to rewrite …”

Mr. Furber: “I know…it happened to me in my book…I wrote a chapter on the Weiner laptop, then I remembered, months after I’d written it, hang on, there was a guy who popped up on 8chan who told us what was on it.” 

“So I went and I found—well, it was 4chan I think—the reason that I found that post was I realized then that I’d written something that was untrue, it was speculative, but this guy … I will have to read you the whole thing, this means you are honest, and have integrity, you are going to make  sure that everything is correct to the best of your ability.”

Me: “That is right, well, we rely on primary sources, you know?”

Mr. Furber, “Yeah, yeah …”

Me: “And we have to exercise utmost care in how we select those sources.”

Mr. Furber: “And if somebody is a real insider you treat them with…”

Me: “…With due care, you treat them with appropriate care. I am looking at my list and I think that I have pretty much …”

Mr. Furber: “Are you done.”

Me: “Yeah, I think that I’ve gotten everything.”

Mr. Furber: “Cool, man.”

Me: “I am still a little bit….a little bit… dim on FarmerFunkk….I am not real clear about FarmerFunkk. I mean I have seen him as FarmerFunk and I have seen him as FarmerFunkk double k.”

Mr. Furber: “Oh, yeah. Yeah. Same guy, I think. Yeah.”

I ask: “What are your thoughts about those two posts where he signed himself “FF?” If you recall. Yeah. He actually signed himself “FF” and then  ….”

Mr. Furber: “What? Q did?”

Me: “Oh, no.”

Mr. Furber: “Oh, FarmerFunk …”

Me: “Then Q like cited it or quoted it….”

Mr. Furber: “Oh, really? I am not familiar with those particular posts, you can send them to me and I will have a look.”

I say: “It is not that big of a deal.”

Then I ask, “When you refer to Brain, you are talking about SerialBrain, right?”

He looks puzzled, so I quote: “You say, quote, “this whole thing had a life of its own and it needed to go wider. Pamphlet, myself and Abobo …. unintelligible….Brain was there, we drew up a list and we sent out the emails to everyone.” That was SerialBrain?”

Mr. Furber: “Uh, no…yeah. Uh, this whole thing “Brain.” Not “reign?”

Me: “No. “Brain.” I spell the name. “B R A I N.” 

Mr. Furber: “Brain, Brain…(thinking) let me …”

Me: “This is a quote….Let me see where I got this….this is something called … oh, yeah. This is JOEL Bot No. 5 …. Operation Q PamphletAnon, BaruchTheScribe Q Bakers … August 2018…from the transcript that I made, you say, quote: “this whole thing had a life of its own and it needed to go wider …. myself, comma, Abobo…and then it was unintelligible and then you say, reign was there.” (J.O.E.L Bot No. 5, “Inside the Bakery—The Q Bakers,” YouTube, August 19, 2018).

Mr. Furber: “No, no, no. “Reign.” Not “Brain.” But “reign.” He spells it for me. “R E I G N.” “There was a guy called reign, you know, in Discord as well, also a Mod, yeah, not Brain, but reign.” He spells it again for me: “R E I G N. As in the reign of a king.”

Me: “Who? I never heard of him?”

QModerators CBTS_Stream One Month

The list of moderators on the CBTS_Stream subreddit included tracybeanz, PamphletAnon, FARMERFUNKK, reign__, gen6slayr, RedpillTheWorld, MotoandGivi, virtualboi_, Yoda_GM, and storm_fa_Q.

Mr. Furber: “Ah, no. Very much in the background. Not a public guy. But was with us in the Discord and was a Mod, and yeah, very good guy. I can probably send you chat logs with him if you like. From Discord.”

Me: “That would be useful. You must have a big list of things to send me by now.”  

Mr. Furber: “Probably. Yeah. Just remind me. Remind by email. I have made notes as we’ve been talking …”

Me: “I will do a transcript of this whole interview and I will send it to you as well for your records … I think that this interview is going to be… it is going to be consequential, there is no question.”

Mr. Furber: “Good. Good.”

Me: “I am delighted, I am very pleased, it is going to require me to reassess and reevaluate, but that is the job, man, you know?”

Mr. Furber: “Yes it is …”

Me: “History is listening.”

Mr. Furber: “They are.”

Me: “Listen, thank you so much …”

Mr. Furber: “Anytime man, great to talk to you …”

Me: “Likewise, if you need anything from me please let me know, I look forward to it, I think this could be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, well, we need to compare notes more often.”

Me: “Well, we need to go back together on Cicada 3301.”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, we do. Because, again, I am clueless, but I know people who aren’t…”

Me: “I’ll send you the chapter I’ve written at this point on Cicada. Part of the problem with Cicada is that a lot of the known legend of Cicada is verified to be a concoction by Thomas Schoenberger, ok?”

I continue: “He concocted it, it is a legend, and it is problematic, because as a legend it is very powerful, I liked it, but after I talked to Arturo Tafoya it ruined the whole thing, and I said well …”

Mr. Furber: “Yeah, I know, I had an anonymous guy on Discord talk to me, I can’t tell you his nickname even, who warned me off Defango, he said WARNING: Don’t believe a word Defango says.”

 “And I said, yeah, I know bro, I just followed him because of his coverage of Cicada and of the George Webb stuff, at that time George Webb was working with Jason Goodman. And George was talking about child trafficking and I started getting a bad vibe from what George was saying.”

He continues: “I said I know,  you don’t have to tell me, I don’t trust anybody, I do not believe anything that anyone says until I’ve checked it out for myself. That might have been, just to hear you say that, that might have been Arturo. Actually. Possibly.”

Me: “Well, he has been around, there was a real schism within Cicada, and Manny (Chavez) was part of that, and Arturo was part of that, but they were all on different sides, and Nathan Stolpman did a really epic episode of Lift the Veil where he interviewed Defango and then Fox, whose name is Beth Bogaerts, she came on, she is actually the copyright holder now of the Cicada trademarks …”

(lifttheveil (@lifttheveil411) (Nathan Stolpman), “#QAnon & Cicada 3301 Exposed? w/ Defango & Cicada members,” SteemIt, May 8, 2018; Beth Bogaerts Trademarks (2 records), Trademarkia, accessed May 16, 2019).

Mr. Furber: “Oh, really?”

Me: “Yes, they were registered in 2018 by Brent Sausser, a lawyer for Beth Bogaerts, and she is holding them as a proxy for Thomas Schoenberger, and I got to go back and look at my notes, there are a couple of other guys that are involved in like the business end of Cicada, and Schoenberger is sort of the one who goes between the two of them, interacting by trying to monetize it, and the creative side. I am not real clear on what role specifically Schoenberger played in the creative development of the Cicada puzzles. I am not clear on that.”

Q Arturo Tafoya Interview Schoenberger Entertainment Contract 2019-04-14

This document was sent by Thomas Schoenberger to Arturo Tafoya, who provided it to me after an interview on April 14, 2019. In their own internal legal documents Cicada refers to itself as an ARG, an Alternate Reality Game. Michael Levine and Richard Lech are included with Schoenberger as owners of Cicada intellectual property, assertions that ultimately imploded the organization.

Mr. Furber: “Well, I believe, I’ve got a source which says, well I actually will tell you, it was FBI Anon, FBI Anon claimed, I do not know if you have seen his transcripts, but it is in there, he said that Cicada was actually a Department of Defense project designed to attract cryptographically inclined minds, so they could then recruit them. And this makes a lot of sense to me … that this is a DOD project…”

Q Cicada = DOD Program FBI Anon End of Thread 1

FBIanon Thread #1 >>79480356; FBIanon Thread #2 >>79489525, July 2, 2016.

Me: “It makes a ton of sense …”

Mr. Furber: “That this is a DOD project to like just attract the kind of crypto-savvy dude, to haul them in so they could then do recruiting because they were short of crypto kids and staff.”

Me: “There were 14 separate GPS coordinates worldwide.”

Mr. Furber: “Fourteen?”

Me: “Fourteen GPS coordinates. In one of the puzzles. Fourteen of them worldwide.”

Q Cicada 3301 Global Locations For a Clue

Mr. Furber: “Oh, yeah. The Amazing Race kind of thing.”

Me: “Epic. I am still staggered by Cicada, and definitely somebody needs to write that book, and I wish that it could be me, but I do not have the sources, and it is such a mammoth job …”

Mr. Furber: “… and again, getting to the truth would be next to impossible, because you have all these different guys who all hate each other and are fighting each other and they are all lying about each other, so, yeah…”

Me: “This is actually useful because, you know, we just apply what they say and look at internal inconsistencies and verification of facts, we can figure it out, it is useful in fact that they do hate each other so much, because you can just say, “well, you know, so-and-so said this,” and then you get them going, you know?”

Mr. Furber: “Right. Yeah, yeah. Exactly.”

Me: “Cicada. I would love to write that book but I do not think that I am going to live long enough.”

Mr. Furber: (Laughs). “Well, when somebody writes it I will definitely buy it.”

I wrap it up: “Well listen, thank you so much.”

Mr. Furber: “My pleasure. I have to run, I will be in touch by email. But great to talk to you. Isn’t it a bit late there now?”

Me: “Jesus. It is ten o’clock. We’ve been talking for two hours.”

Mr. Furber: “Time flies when we are having fun. Take care! Bye!”

And that was an interview with Mr. Paul Furber, Tuesday April 30, 2019. We began about 2007 hrs. seven minutes after 8 o’clock, and we went until 2159, almost two hours.

Paul Furber joined me from South Africa, very interesting interview.


End Transcript.

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