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Video versions of my Cicada 3301 analyses are available on Samizdat YouTube.

Same material, different medium. You can listen while you drive, or follow storyboards as a synthesized voice reads the text.

As the subjects of our interviews protested our scrutiny in April, 2020, they sought to strike our channel on YouTube, and to suppress particular videos.

We consequently set up a backup channel on Streamable. We will be backing up all our videos from YouTube to Streamable, so it will be impossible to suppress them.

So far, just one video was successfully struck from YouTube: “Thomas Schoenberger – You define yourself through your words.” We pulled it from YouTube and posted it to Streamable. You can view it there, and wonder what about it was so offensive that YouTube censored it.

Our suspicion is that YouTube ‘bots were set to a sensitive setting due to manpower and staffing challenges during the CoronaVirus quarantine period. In other words, it was censored by YouTube in error.

No matter. We make it available on Streamable. Enjoy.

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